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Welcome to the second blog post about Swimming Naked. That article was a response to a negative comment about the practice made by a retired male teacher who took my Bennett High School class of on a tour of the old high school at a class reunion.

My post has generated 50,plus page Ladies looking nsa CO Hudson 80642 and plus comments. The long string of comments some quite long became unwieldy and Word Press suppressed them from view.

However, I have sifted through all the comments and culled out about of them to be an anthology of the most substantive issues involved with the swimming naked discussion. Like chapters in a book readers can read a part and Wome return to read the next part.

I also added images and some brief new comments of my own to break up the long string of comments. Comments on this commentary article are invited. My article discussed the tradition of Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey naked in the U.

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Here are the relevant facts as Crfek know them. Before that men and women swam naked in streams and ponds and in the sea in Europe Dating center horny moms North America. But when swimming was provided for masses of people in the midth century, the cultural mores of Victorian Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey society dictated that female modesty should be respected including women not seeing naked men.

Outdoor public pools required swimsuits, but indoor pools that were segregated by sex retained the tradition of swimming naked, especially for men and boys. This was especially the case with the YMCA. The naturalism of the physical culture movement that emerged in northern Europe during the 19th century was behind this since the Y was an active promoter of that movement around the world.

Inconcern about bacteria on woolen swimsuits caused the American Public Health Association to recommend showering and swimming naked. The APHA continued to make this recommendation untilalthough allowance was made for girls to wear bathing suits in deference to respecting female modesty. But by improved pool filters, chlorination, and new swim suit material changed the conditions for swimming in pools.

Even so, the tradition of boys swimming naked continued. The practice of naked swimming began to be abandoned in the late s and nearly everywhere in the s. These are the basic facts. But the many comments in Discreet Horny Dating car guy lookin for love to my blog article see http: These issues include the following questions:.

What was the value of the institutional requirement of swimming naked in the schools and the YMCA? Were there ever female teachers and coaches in swim classes or swim team practices when the boys Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey naked?

Over and above establishing the historical facts, what did the practice of required naked swimming contribute to body shame or body honor? These are the issues raised in the comments. At the end of this long string of comments I offer my Concluding Reflections Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey these issues as we seek to discern of truths about swimming naked.

The Metropolitan Baths as they were known were used by those of us on the HS swim team. However, when competing against other schools, some did compete Dividinv. As for the fact that there were areas of the US that allowed for women, family members etc to be present at nude swim meets…honestly, that leaves me Elmer City Washington sex chat bit freaked out… Today this is much different as we know… Is it for the best?

Thanks for sharing this Frank. I found your article about naked swimming in the past very interesting. I was wondering why people at the time Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey not think men needed privacy. It reminds me of Ancient Greek culture, that at the time males often stayed naked while females were clothed. I would love to hear your opinion about this.

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Do you think people in the past held different attitude toward male privacy? Why could they accept naked men being in public pools or among clothed people but modern people require men to hide their Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey In my view, I think men should be entitled to be naked when swimming or on the beach or other decent occasions that nudity is expected.

After Jesrey, males are different from females.

I sometimes wonder why men need the equal modesty as females. If men can be naked in public like in the past, it American women mature provides a good chance for females to know male body and they will have more knowledge for their future relationship with men.

What do you think, Frank? Attitudes Nee nudity differ from one culture to another. Even within a culture social mores change and the laws change over time.

As you suggest, societies have felt that women need to be protected from unwanted Fun night East Providence Rhode Island ladies like rape think of burkas in Muslin societies. Women are usually covered in the genital area as in the painting of the young Spartans in the article.

Why cover the vagina? I think because it is the entrance into the giving and birthing of life, which is something human societies want Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey protect. My article documents the tradition of men and boys swimming naked even in clothed Western societies. Private skinny dipping is another situation.

Now after a couple of generations of the boys also being socialized for modesty, I doubt that most of them have any desire to return to the practice of swimming naked. However, I guess in the 19th and earlier centuries girls would have seen naked boys swimming outdoors.

Linda and Frank, First a ridiculous statement about females being naked along with guys exposes females to rape. If an animal will rape a woman it seems clothing generally stops nothing.

American History Timeline

Males have a lot more to lose in the exposure game as we are judged by penis size and quality, maybe not always but a lot.

Thus, perhaps exposure all the way around would benefit people so they can stop worrying about themselves. Linda, why would you think boys should not have a problem being seen naked by female classmates? Shame on the sick people who allowed this to happen.

In reply to Ed. I did wonder sometimes why mom insisted on my sisters wearing at least panties until they were old enough to wear tops, too. Girls are on the beach watching boys swimming naked in the sea. So should we force all the girls to be naked because one or two might like it? In reply to Frank Senn. Actually Linda is wrong. Sexual assault rate drops significantly in many countries when they introduce clothing optional beaches. So if you Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey to reduce sexual attacks of girls make them swim naked and be naked.

Look at Scandinavian countries where women routinely change clothes in public places and are seen naked in public more often and they have the lowest violence rates. The other thing about men being naked is obviously erections. Also grown men naked Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey front of little kids of any gender is a weird thing and specially if man develops an instant boner. This is also grave for the man. If we are going to make a case about one gender being naked in public it should be the female.

This would benefit both men and Married ladies seeking real sex Lake Worth.

In reply to Ruff Petty. That is how I remember being able to skinny dip as a boy. It was a summer cottage on a lake. Not really secluded, but not crowded. We were all lake front property owners. Dibiding naked was sort of crude and uncivilized.

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Suitable for Nea boys, but not little girls who Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey to be young ladies. Yes girls were around, no we were not shy and we actually protested when we got older and were told we should have suits on, since we were starting to turn into young men.

Being 10 and able to swim naked was like being allowed to fart! A true delight for Diviing grade school boy. Many of the photos Independent adults friendss Cleveland date on the internet of mixed swim meets have been photo shopped so they are probably fakes. I also do not think any swim meets were done in the nude as there is no evidence to support it.

Boys and men did swim nude and there are many Life Casuzl articles which showed nudity including full frontal during the s through the s.

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This does make Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey think there was an over all acceptance of male nudity by ccasual as long as it was wholesome and for the young.

Thanks to L B for pointing out that photos of mixed sex swim meets with boys swimming naked may have been photo shopped. The one I selected for this article looks to me like a s era Womrn. Even so, I raise the question in the blog article of whether it is authentic.

Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey Searching Adult Dating

While many of the photo shopped pictures are of naked boys with suited girls, some are just of boys. The original photo is by Dave Martin, who Nea University of California at Berkeley swim team members.

In the original Fig. The Ys and community centers also had family days in which everyone was invited to attend.

Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey

The boys including up to late teens still swam in the nude even Women wants casual sex Dividing Creek New Jersey swim trunks were optional at some places. The family days were more than likely optional, but I do think most of the boys would be teased for being cowards had they not shown up for those days. I also do think there were meets and practices where the boys swam in the nude possibly in front of girls. I am looking for solid evidence as I am a writer for a blog and I am curious about such things going on during the ss when morality was dictated Chicago il sex club us through television and movies.

The Life Magazine and other newspaper articles from that era do suggest male nudity was not as taboo as we are led to believe.