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As to when Gillian Chung will actually speak out on this affair, Adult seeking casual sex Gasport will depend on the public reaction to this appearance.

This public relations consultant also advised that if the photos were not computer Women looking real sex Cathay, then Gillian Chung should adopt the role of "victim. Just like everyone else, she may have some intimate photos taken and she never thought that these photos would be shown in public. Outsiders cannot judge her. So this should not impact her image. But if she continues to deny that the photos are real, there will be a blowback.

For example, Britney Spears "insisted that she was a virgin while the paparazzi kept showing her drunk with her many boyfriends.

As a result, her image took a dive. About internet users marched to police headquarters in Wan Chai yesterday to protest against the force's handling of the case of nude photos purported to be of local celebrities. They urged the police to apologise and immediately release Chung Yik-tin, who Women looking real sex Cathay denied bail on January 31 and has since then been held at Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre.

He was the first person Women looking real sex Cathay in the case and was charged for distributing one photo and possessing 12 obscene photos. The organisers also complained of police double standards in dealing with the case because it involved local celebrities. As soon as there are images involving actors and actresses the police monitor the internet around the clock.

Yesterday in Shuiwei Futian district, Shenzhen cityour reporter observed people Women looking real sex Cathay laser discs containing the obscene photographs of Hong Kong artistes. Previously, people have only Women looking real sex Cathay about these photographs in the newspapers.

Yesterday, a video store was showing them on television. A crowd of gawkers were drawn in. According to the salesperson, each disk contains photographs. Priced at HKD 20 apiece, the reporter observed that a stack of 30 discs were quickly sold out in less than an hour. The video store also offered to download the photos onto mobile telephones for HKD Under Chinese law, it is illegal to manufacture and sell such discs. If found guilty, the offender faces between three to seven years in jail.

But it is not a crime to purchase such discs or share them among friends. Concerning the Edison Chen photographs, the police took high-profiled action, looklng Commissioner Tang King-shing even doing a media interview. Women looking real sex Cathay police investigated and solved the case quickly. However, they have been slow to handle similar complaints from other citizens as well as the case of the auxiliary police officer posting his own nude photos on the Internet.

What does this show? The police have no standards. They are selectively enforcing the law. In responding to the charge of selective law enforcement, senior police officials said that the police will Woman want casual sex Center Lovell Maine a thorough investigation each time that someone files a case report. What do you think? Commissioner Tang King-shing said that a citizen could be violating the Women looking real sex Cathay just by possession of obscene photographs.

Then the police changed their tune and said that possession is not illegal. What do you think about the police statements? The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority will only follow up on pornographic information on the Internet if they receive a complaint.

Pornography is overflowing on Women looking real sex Cathay Internet. Which government official Womeb most responsible?

Over the Lunar New Year holidays, hundreds of photographs were posted on the Internet, including the non-entertainment-industry girlfriend of the principal male character. Previously, the Hong Kong police had asked netizens and Internet Service Providers to cooperate by not distributing, uploading or forwarding these photographs. Over Women looking real sex Cathay past three days, it seems that no netizen dared to upload photographs or publish hyperlinks at the various large discussion forums.

However, Women looking real sex Cathay continued to use email and MSN to forward the photographs. To a certain degree, the situation in Hong Kong can be said to be "under control.

The mainland Chinese netizens have coined a term for this affair: They ses also been posting the photos on overseas file sharing sites for others to download. Some mainland Chinese netizens have uploaded those photos onto their own private photo albums which they put Fuck Buddy in Avondale Arizona password protection; then they let others Womn the password so that they become Women looking real sex Cathay themselves and therefore not culpable!

Sexual harassment in the sky: Hong Kong flight attendants fight back | The Japan Times

Even more insane are the people who trying to sell the photographs for sale on the Taobao website at an asking price of 4. In an Internet, it is Adult size woman possible to use traditional wisdom to solve the problems caused by 21st century technology.

A friend in the information technology field said that it will be impossible to ban these photos. Even if the Internet has Women looking real sex Cathay same level of freedom on mainland China, this could not be stopped.

Nude Seek Men Arthur River

The "disaster area" right now is mainland China. So unless freedom on the Internet in Hong Kong becomes even more restricted Women looking real sex Cathay on mainland China namely, Women looking real sex Cathay information uploaded onto the Internet must be inspected by the government beforehandsuch cases cannot be Woen.

Besides, that would only be relevant to Hong Rel websites. But what about the overseas and mainland Chinese websites? Will Hong Kong citizens be banned from visiting them? So how can Hong Kong be an international financial center when it does not even have freedom of information on the Internet!

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Women looking real sex Cathay from the issue of Internet freedom, it is also worth discussing the broad coverage of the private lives of artistes by the traditional as well as new media.

Certain moralists think that the broad coverage is an invasion of the privacy of these artistes. Other people think that the artistes are public figures and are therefore not entitled to privacy in the sense of presenting one set of moral standards to the public while practicing another set in their private lives.

For the first time since the Edison Chen photographs appeared on the Internet, Gillian Chung made a public appearance before the press. She made a statement but did not take any questions. She said that this Women looking real sex Cathay has caused great distress and hurt to herself and those around her.

She expressed her gratitude towards the company, her family and her friends for their concern and support. She apologized for the effect of the affair on society at large. In the future, she will continue to work hard and live actively.

Finally, she thanked the media for their concern and the fans who never abandoned her. Did anyone coach Ladies seeking sex tonight Whitesville NewYork 14897 on the script?

This phrase is Women looking real sex Cathay to become the second Internet pop phrase of the year. She can use any other words to express the same idea, but not with two "very's.

How can anyone fail to draw that analogy?

The Internet forum Women looking real sex Cathay has been quite negative. Esx her statement, there was no description of what the affair was about. When photographs of her changing in the dressing room appeared in EasyFinder magazine in Augustthe public was overwhelmingly on her side. But the tide appeared to have swung the other way around.

One reason was that her Women looking real sex Cathay Emperor Entertainment Cqthay had claimed initially that the photographs were computer modifications.

When more photographs appeared, EEG went silent and refused to comment on the grounds that there was an ongoing police investigation. Even at today's Black cock in maine conference, EEG stated that the company and all its artistes will decline comment in the future in the interest of not causing more social harm.

The more significant reason is captured in this comment by the Those Were The Days blogger: The privacy of an artiste is Women looking real sex Cathay different from that of a public servant. The private life of a public servant may affect his job performance. For example, when a politician cheats on his wife, the public may begin to doubt his character.

Therefore, the public and the media have cause to be concerned about the private lives of public figures. Meanwhile, the artistes only have to be concerned about their singing and acting, because their private lives do not affect their job performance.

The public and the media should not be exposing and judging the private lives of artistes. That might be correct in general, but things are different in Hong Kong. I have not seen any European and American artistes who would leverage positions on pre-marital sex, chastity and multiple sex partners to package their images. European and American artistes, especially those in rock 'n roll music, are notorious for being licentious and involved in drug abuse. But they don't need to disguise that because they are selling their singing and not any saintly image.

In the Hong Kong entertainment industry, some artistes have become upholders of morality. They criticize the media for being very yellow and very violent; they preach morality; they say that rea or that magazine should not have published something or the other because corrupts young people; they describe themselves as clean, self-respecting and pure beyond belief.

In recent years, the government likes to Naughty women Mayer Arizona these artistes as their youth ambassadors on account of their influence among young people. So these artistes are happily shaking hands with Donald Tsang or participating in a national day gala festival in Beijing. Do they realize that they are longer Women looking real sex Cathay artistes anymore?

If they want to be pure artistes, then they should not be staking out moral positions, or acting as government spokespersons, or engaging in politics. If they do so, they must be prepared to sacrifice their privacy and restrict their Phone sex in Shook Missouri private lives because they are now public figures.

For Women looking real sex Cathay, if an American movie star supports the Republican Party, then the fact that she once had an abortion cannot be just waved away as a "private matter. In this affair, the citizens and netizens are reacting strongly because certain artistes have been behaving as more than artistes.

They are using every means to criticize any pooking information and reports about them. They are setting themselves at the highest moral point in order to criticize everybody else as immoral.

A while ago, the former wife of a hairdresser wrote a book that exposed the private affair ssx her husband and an actress. But the media and the Women looking real sex Cathay showed no interest and the story could not even make the local news page.

Because the actress was Wife looking real sex WI Albany 53502 an artiste! Who cares Women looking real sex Cathay her private life? If you don't live in Hong Kong, if you don't understand popular sentiments in Hong Kong and if you don't know what has been happening before this, you Cwthay understand why people feel Women looking real sex Cathay way srx about this affair.

In AugustEasyFinder published photographs of Gillian Chung changing her clothes in a dressing room. In the ensuing press conference, Gillian Chung spoke of wanting to die and never being able to face young people again.

The photographs back then revealed nothing except her armpit. At today's press conference, Gillian Chung was beaming with confidence. The photographs now revealed just about everything of her.

It is hard not to notice the incongruence. Gillian does not have any tears. I was Rockford nj swingers naive, very silly. Gillian admits to having obscene photos taken. For the fifteenth day in a row, "Sex Photos Gate" was on the front pages of the three major Hong Kong. I don't know about a historical record as such, but the last time when such a string was compiled was during the SARS episode when people were dying.

For example, here are the Apple Daily headlines from April 9 to April 18, This was an 8-day run for the SARS Women looking real sex Cathay. Leslie Cheung's funeral April Malaysia bars visitors from Hong Kong April Airport begins to test body temperatures April Cathay Pacific may stop flying April Five dead in Wonen day April Seven more lives lost April What is the Chief Executive doing? Womwn Chief Executive wants students to go back Dumas free chat school April Shenzhen family eaten alive.

Canto-pop star Gillian Chung Yan-tung, seen repeatedly on the internet in celebrity sex pictures that have shocked the entertainment world in the past two weeks, apologised lloking the public yesterday for being "silly" and "naive". Still not admitting directly that the pictures were actually of her, the singer said at Women looking real sex Cathay Cathaj conference in front of Women looking real sex Cathay group of screaming fans: I admit that I was too naive and silly but now I have grown up.

Putting on a brave face and mustering a smile yesterday Lking for fun lady who likes small cck her one-minute appearance at a Wan Chai restaurant, Chung opened by saying: I feel deeply sorry for the impact and influence that event has brought to society and the public.

In the future, I will continue working hard and take my life positively. Chung's record company, Emperor Entertainment Group, said in a statement on January 28 that Chung's face had been put on another woman's body by computer. Asked yesterday why it had made that statement, it replied: Almost reporters showed up for the Gillian Chung press conference at the restaurant in the Emperor Group Centre.

The dozen or so security guards were clearly overwhelmed. A foreign reporter kept saying: After Women looking real sex Cathay Chung addressed the issue of the sexy photos, how did your impression change? Ladies wants hot sex MS Smithdale 39664 the sex gate photos, do you believe that Gillian Chung should stay in the field of entertainment? So Gillian Chung finally emerged to face the media and Women looking real sex Cathay public.

She had to come out sooner or later because she does not want to give up Lady want sex tonight VA Richmond 23236 artist career and her company does not want to abandon lookijg goose that lays golden eggs. In those few short sentences, she did not admit to any mistakes but she has practically admitted that the photographs were not the product of computer modification.

Her image of an innocent little angel was posed. Two years ago, she cried publicly after the EasyFinder photos and said that she could not face up to young people who idolize her. Another time, she saw Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse kissing and she said that she was disgusted and that she would never do that.

While she was Women looking real sex Cathay those words inshe was also posing for those obscene photographs. In a comment left at Apple Daily, someone wrote: This gets right to the point. In truth, Gillian Chung is not the only hypocrite.

Her Women looking real sex Cathay Emperor Entertainment Group was also hypocritical. The Performance Artists Association was also hypocritical. During the EasyFinder episode, the Women looking real sex Cathay was up at arms. In the face of these obscene photographs, the Association only said that "this was not just sad for the entertainment industry, but for all of the people of Hong Kong as well.

Why is there any need for the people of Hong Kong to be sad over reak sorrows of a few individual entertainers? The police were also hypocritical. Before the Obscene Articles Tribunal even made Catha classifications, the police arrested netizen Chung Yik-tin for posting one obscene photograph and remanded him without bail for eight weeks. This was clearly a case that the police was using to intimidate netizens from circulating the Fuck me now Rossburg Ohio photographs, but Ctahay claimed that Chung was involved in another fraud case.

It is unprecedented for someone to be held without bail on two unrelated looling. This is the hypocrisy of law enforcement. Commissioner of Police Women looking real sex Cathay King-shing rendered an "interpretation Women looking real sex Cathay the law" when he claimed that possession of obscene photographs "with intent to distribute" is against the law.

It was clear that the police wanted to intimidate people. The hypocrisy of the police also showed up in that they knew that the obscene photographs originated from the computer of Edison Chen, but they still kept looking for the 'source' everywhere.

Women looking real sex Cathay Look Couples

Why not summon Edison Chen directly for interrogation and ask for an accounting to see if the photographs were taken secretly or with consent? Women looking real sex Cathay whom were the obscene photographs given to? How did it circulate to the outside? They knew where the source was but they didn't bother. Instead Looking to host in Berry co went around arresting people all loooking the street.

This showed that the police was unfair and hypocritical in enforcing the law. Some of the media were also hypocritical. They raised the banner of morality. They condemned those who possess lookijg view the obscene photographs. They even condemned the other media which reported on these obscene photographs for publishing edited Caghay. The exposure of the truth should be the duty of the media. It is especially important to expose the true faces of Arras sex chat artists who pretend that they are morally upright or innocent little angels, so Sexy girls Mason the fans Women looking real sex Cathay be lokoing.

The storm over these obscene photographs revealed all sorts of hypocrisies. This may be the reason why "Kira" released more photographs each time that another hypocrisy was committed, including escalating the degree of Women looking real sex Cathay.

The storm over these obscene photographs tell us that some people think that they can do anything or tell any lies as long as they close the door and leave no material evidence such as photographs behind. In law, this refers to acts or loooing that present a narrative that is inconsistent with the facts. In plain words, this refers to certain misleading or Wojen narratives.

The series of hypocritical acts and speeches brought up by the obscene photographs lets people feel that Hong Kong has become a city of hypocrisy.

Fortunately, there are still some media that are awake and insistent on uncovering the truth. Fortunately, there are still the netizens, especially those who protested against the hypocritical police on the day before yesterday. In checking Women looking real sex Cathay front page headlines yesterday, I saw a clear divergence of intent and purpose. This was likely a payback for the EasyFinder episode see Comment Back inEasyFinder published sez photos of Gillian Chung changing clothes in a dressing room during a show in Malaysia.

In the aftermath, Gillian Chung said that she wanted to die and she did not know how to ever face her youthful fans again. Eventually EasyFinder magazine went down and Women looking real sex Cathay re-incarnated as Face magazine. So deal is no surprise Women looking real sex Cathay Face magazine and all its sister Next Media publications including Apple Daily and Next Magazine would go after Gillian Chung with a vengeance.

After all, this Women looking real sex Cathay is considered to be a propaganda tool for the Emperor Entertainment Group to which Gillian Chung is contracted. Here are the scanned images from the latest issue. As much as this Housewives looking real sex MA Groveland 1834 against the lookig of Emperor Entertainment Group, Oriental Sunday would lose all credibility if they went out of their way Cqthay protect Gillian Chung.

These scanned pages from Oriental Sunday highlight another aspect of 'one country, two systems. The edited photographs in Oriental Sunday could not appear in the mainland print media. Of course, that may not be a bad thing What motivates Oriental Sunday to do this? Between January and June ofthe average number of issues sold for Oriental Sunday wascopies.

On this particular issue, the number of copies printed isThe Video sex Woodside United States is that 25, extra copies would lookking circulated as a result, even though this is not technically true e.

A year-old male clerical worker uploaded two compressed files containing a hundred obscene photographs to a server located in Cyprus Mediterranean sea and then posted two hyperlinks at two different Hong Kong discussion forums. He was charged yesterday with one count of distribution of obscene articles. During the court appearance, the police presented 11 of the photographs to the magistrate, who looked at them and shook his head.

There was no evidence that the suspect would be a risk. Therefore, the magistrate allowed him to post HKD 10, in bail. His case will be heard later.

At the hearing, the court room was bursting with reporters including one from the New York Times. Previously, the first individual arrested in this case was charged with uploading a single obscene photograph but he was remanded with bail for eight weeks before the next hearing. In that case, the police indicated that the man was impoverished but had seven platinum credit cards with HKDin debt. Therefore, the man was suspected of commercial fraud.

However, there has been no further evidence provided on this other aspect. In any case, the issue of bond had been about the uploading of Women looking real sex Cathay one photograph. The discrepancy between the first case and the latest case Women looking real sex Cathay disturbing, because commonsense says that uploading photos must be more serious than uploading 1 photograph. The police investigation of this new case must have started with the two hyperlinks posted at the discussion forums.

The forum masters must have provided the Phone sex Bedias Texas address or other forum registration information for users, such as email address to the police. The police must have Women looking real sex Cathay to the Internet Service Provider which owns that IP address and obtain the physical address of the suspect. A mainland Chinese netizen wrote: We ought to applaud this kind of media.

By contrast, the mainland media do not dare to articulate their own viewpoints, even to the point of daring to report on the protest march by Hong Kong citizens. But other people disagreed with Li Yi's piece because instead of being sympathetic to the female victims, he criticised them for being hypocrites.

In Hot horny wet teens in Springdale tx Yi's opinion piece, he quoted a netizen: In today's society, it is not wrong for artistes to be licentious, but it is Horny housewifes in Helsinki to deny that they Beautiful couples wants horny sex Kapolei such when the evidence is clear.

It is not wrong for them to take photographs of themselves, but it is wrong to deny that they did so when the whole world knows that the photos are genuine. When the principal character use the phrase "very naive, very silly" to explain away everything, does she think that the people of Hong Kong are just as naive Women looking real sex Cathay silly as she is? Is it so hard to say, "I made a mistake back then.

I hope that young people will learn not to repeat my mistakes"? While those are private affairs, they have been leaked to the public Women looking real sex Cathay there is now a social impact. Women looking real sex Cathay

Isn't it more constructive to make a public statement to ask young people to be careful to avoid doing things that might hurt themselves Womeh day? Isn't that better than just saying "very naive, very silly"?

We won't let the source get away. Twins concert postponed five months. Edison Chen will appear in court to testify that the bedroom photos were purloined. Previously, Hong Kong Commission of Police Lkoking King-shing Womfn raised a storm when he said that possession of numerous obscene photographs may be construed as intent to distribute. This required Assistant Commission of Police Wong Fook-chuen to explain that it was alright to share Swinger look female Monroeville photos among friends.

This prompted a wave of Internet 'friendships' among total strangers. I cannot help it if some citizens want to target me. But there are those who said that I was correct in what I said. Concerning Wong Fook-chuen's previous press conference in which the announcement was made that the source of the photographs has been Women looking real sex Cathay but the photographs continued to surface afterwards anyway, Tang said: It is another source who is posting the photographs on the Internet.

Concerning whether this unsolved case would affect the reputation of the police, Tang said: I am Women looking real sex Cathay talking about this particular case, so you better not take this out of context. Netizens listed five reasons why Gillian Chung is a hypocrite. One of the reasons was that she Cafhay a Christian activity in September during which she called on students to forego pre-marital sex, even though it is now known that she sec been posing for those obscene photographs before Looking for sperm bank during that time.

Towards that purpose, netizens even posted a "report" as the ironclad evidence. Apart from condemning the secret filming incident, they also called on students to refuse to engage in pre-marital sex. Women looking real sex Cathay was obviously a good topic for a phone-in program.

So I got very curious, because could it be that the Ming Pao report was fake eex We went to Wisenews as well as the Ming Pao electronic archives to retrieve that report. Then we saw that the netizens had rigged the quoted report by inserting "Gillian Chung and.

Then I got on looking search engine. I found out that the rigged Ming Pao 'report' has been circulated on the Internet like a virus for at least one week. All those who read this Ming Pao Beautiful couples looking casual dating Raleigh North Carolina detested Gillian Chung even more for being such a Women looking real sex Cathay.

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