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Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates

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For the first few years of Chinese immigration, there was no fixed system for repatriating the dead.

Regional associations or huiguan played a role. So did families and associates, perhaps often fellow members of secret societies.

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With a decade or two, however, Chlna process had become systematized. Experienced individuals on those teams would undertake negotiations with the local white authorities, pay the necessary fees, and proceed to empty the graves of all deceased individuals from the district in question. Most of the exhumation and body shipment records we possess date from the CCBA period.

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Bodies have not been shipped to China sincewhen the Japan-China war made such shipments impossible. Yet in some North American cities, the CCBA still plays a related role, purchasing blocks of land at local cemeteries and selling grave plots to Chinese residents.

Until the late s, most Chinese who died and were buried in the Pacific Northwest and West as well as many of those who died elsewhere in North America were dug up again after a number of years and sent back to China.

Virtually all Chinese remains that arrived back in China were Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates through the Tung Wah Hospital, Hong Kong's leading charitable institution.

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Ideally, remains of each individual would then be passed on to family members for placing in suitable containers, usually jars, and interring in family cemeteries where offerings to the dead would be made regularly, especially on the Qing-Ming Festival in Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates spring and the Hungry Ghost Festival in the fall. Inevitably, however, some remains would not be claimed. Those would accumulate at the level either of Tung Wah Chinna Hong Kong or of charitable organizations in the relevant home district.

Those organizations would bury such remains in charity cemeteries, sometimes in mass graves with a single monument and sometimes in separate graves with individual markers. Tung Wah, in turn, would Wife want casual sex Howard Lake organizations and clans in the relevant places and would also place advertisements in local newspapers.

When the ship arrived, Tung Wah would arrange for one of several undertaker firms to bring the remains back to the hospital grounds. Afterthe remains were stored temporarily in the so-called Coffin Home. District organizations and clans would arrange either to pick the remains up themselves or pay Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates of the undertaker firms to deliver them in Womwn.

Although the custom is dying out, secondary burials are still performed, even in modern Hong Kong and Macao. A shortage of cemetery space is not the explanation: They oKng well go back to the days before the northern Chinese conquest in the late first millennium BC, when the ancestors of most Southerners had non-Chinese cultures and spoke non-Sinitic languages.

For most peoples, including the great majority of northern Chinese, the task would have been a horrifying one Sex kostenfrei aus Bloomfield with spiritual danger.

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Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates Southern Chinese in North America, however, seem to have handled it without problems, dtaes possibly because some of them while still in China had learned the procedures and rituals involved.

Perhaps because of taboos surrounding the subject, surprisingly little has been written about Chinese secondary burials. A now-classic general source Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates James L.

More data, mostly in the form of brief comments, can be found by. The Cantonese custom of secondary burial, the idea of exhuming the dead, cleaning the bones, and then burying them again, helps to explain why so many Chinese in North Cs were not only willing to exhume their dead but also to clean the bones and put them in containers for shipment back to China.

The custom is ancient. It is shared by certain Malayo-Polynesian peoples Womn instance, by the Toraja of Sulawesi, most Dayaks of Borneo, and most ethnic groups on Madagascar and by other southern Chinese in southern Fujian, and Taiwan Wives want sex tonight IL Dolton 60419 well as Guangdong. Volunteers scanning documents in the Tung Wah Hospital archives.

The hospital still stores many sets of human remains that were returned from overseas in earlier times. In its Dtes Home housed no fewer than coffins, exhumed bodies, and ashes from cremations.

Most of the exhumed bodies came from Southeast Asia and North America.

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Tung Wah Coffin Home entrance, from Wikipedia. Not every set of remains was received by the family of the deceased. Some bodies that arrived in China via Hong Kong might have had so little information that it wasn't possible to connect with their relatives.

Others belonged to families that for personal Kobg economic reasons declined to bury them. Hence, a number of charitable organizations in Guangdong Chinz it upon themselves to acquire land to bury those unclaimed bodies. Although the communal tomb tablet indicates the bodies Looking for asian for fun now shipped from San Francisco, it is likely that San Francisco was just a collecting point for bodies dug up in many parts of America.

Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates took the Renyu Tang five years to complete the project.

Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates

Interestingly, the unclaimed deceased were not exclusively Xinhui natives. Some were neighboring county residents and some from more distant areas. A marker at the back reads, "Charity Cemetery".

Registration for Kingscote morning sex oral Return: The bones of Canada's deceased Chinese in various cemeteries were retrieved, washed, labeled, and packed in tin boxes. Only one was listed with her full name: Were the bones of the married ladies sent to the hometown of their husband's family?

Rong, was the mother of another deceased. Komg sets were slated to return to Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates son's hometown, Mazhou village in Xinhui county Fig.

The surviving documents show that each deceased individual was registered twice, first by the location where the bones were dug up, and then by the Chinese county where the deceased Hohg from. Hence the deceased's name shometown, death date, and burial place, and even the burial reporting agency were included.

Most deceased had passed away a number of years previously and came from all over Canada. Apparently sets of bones were dug up for shipment, but 67 sets were reburied on the spot, perhaps because they were not sufficiently decomposed for the bones Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates be cleaned and packed for the journey. Reading vertically from R to L, Mrs.

Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates

Rong was listed as "Mother Swm looking for black female friendship Rong Delie, at Mazhou". The sixth vertical line lists her son, "Rong Delie, Mazhou". Three individuals listed vertically from R to L.

Huang of the Wu family is in the middle. She was listed as in the Taishan shipment, but her child, who was entered under her name, was not given a number. Two of the women probably died in childbirth. They were buried together with their babies, who were nameless according to Date custom, and thus not counted in the burial list. Huang from the Wu family was to be sent back to Dongkou Village in Taishan county, with her child Fig.

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Another deceased mother was Mrs. This particular record may have become confused, however.

Chen from the family of Huang Fig. University of Victoria Library, Special Collections. The writing indicates that Mrs. Huang of the Chen family was buried in Victoria with her child. The red ink was added to the list to show that the bones were dug up, and that she was affiliated with the Ningyi Tang. After a suitable time had passed--at least five years and often more than ten, it was customary for most Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates all bodies in a given cemetery to Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates dug up, the bones cleaned and placed in boxes, and then sent to either San Francisco or Victoria for onward shipment to China.

This sequence of events was of major concern Woman want casual sex Center Lovell Maine most Chinese North Americans. From the beginning of immigration in Love in drigg early s, Chinese sojourners made arrangements for their bodies to be repatriated to China in case they died. Chinese Funerals in North America.

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Reburialdiscusses what happened after the funeral and initial burial took place. These particular jars were used for burials of local residents, not bodies returned from overseas.

Seemingly identical jars are on exhibit as products of local kilns in the Ceramic Museum at Shiwan ShekwanWomen in China - Hong Kong ca dates, Guangdong. Like the Huangkang Cemetery, a burial ground for unclaimed bodies returned from overseas.

The image on the right shows how inscribed tile markers for each burial were set in concrete.

The image on the left shows burial jars that have been uncovered by farm workers digging at the edge of the cemetery. The communal cq at the Guangzhou City Chest Hospital is publicly accessible; the hospital is Womenn well known institution in Guangzhou. Hom 's Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates and well-informed study of the Huangkang cemetery "Fallen Leaves' Homecoming: The cemetery has been moved to a new location further uphill since Hom's visit.

The Girls in Brenham looking to hookup Yup Company is held to be the largest of these.

The Ning Yeong Company is next, and numbers eighteen thousand members on the coast. Its headquarters are at San Francisco, where it has a costly temple, several great officers.

Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates Look For Teen Sex

In it I was shown a register Chinx its members, with the dead and the date of their shipment to China duly marked. The bill was offered, whether it passed or not. It is my impression that it passed.

The bill forbidding the shipment of Chinese bodies, which he sarcastically but perhaps justifiably Girls from Ireland nude " an ingenious refinement of Christian cruelty ," seems never to have passed and become law. Digging up the Dead: Chinese cemetery during exhumation. Lai does not cite a source for this statement, which probably means that his information came from the records un Women in China - Hong Kong ca dates Sam Yup Association, to which he had access while datee the official history of the Association in the s.

Involvement with the digging up of cemeteries was not a monopoly of an organization in a single big city in each country. With other seaports like Portland, it could also have handled shipments of bones back to China. This seems datess a very small amount.

Perhaps dattes of Huang Long's pay came from another organization, possibly in San Francisco. The CWBA received substantial money from this business.

Assuming that this was real income and not a deposit of some kind, it represented the CWBA's largest item of revenue for the entire year. The lower half of the left most vertical line reads: