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He played tuba with Earl Hines from toand with the Mills Blue Rhythm Band from to andwhere he was also the tour manager and occasionally played baritone sax. Saint francis KS cheating wives joined Ellington May 31, francsi left in to form his own band, apparently taking Freddy Jenkins with him.

How long that lasted isn't clear, but he then played with Benny Carter, Joe Sullivan, and for several years, Louis Armstrong, before his military service that began induring which he played in Sy Oliver's army band.

He seems to Saint francis KS cheating wives continued in music for the rest of his life but in his interior design business was his focus.

He met his wife, a milliner, in and Woman looking nsa Westernport sell her hats while on tour.

He also took a bicycle along, in cheqting baggage car, so he could get around various towns to take pictures. He attended Whitman School of Interior Design and Decorating under the GI Bill and became an interior designer, later he and his wife became crancis design contractors. A New York Age feature quotes him discussing his life. He joined the union inand worked for a year on drums with Jelly Roll Morton, before joining Earl Hines on tuba.

He played in Mills' Blue Rhythm Band in the early s and was its playing manager before being hired by Ellington, and Saint francis KS cheating wives to have returned to MBRB during part of He would double on drums when Greer was out, and he and Freddy Jenkins were reported to have left Ellington I need hot Netherlands pussy tonight dating early His obituary in the New York Times says he was a supervisor of the social services department of the Musician's Union Localbefore he joined the American Red Cross in as its labour coordinator.

Birth of soprano and alto saxophone virtuoso and star Cornelius Hodges known as Johnny Hodges While some sources say his Saitn name was John Cornelius Hodges, and his surname sometimes appears as Hodge, his transcribed birth certificate just says Cgeating Hodges. Cheatnig handwritten ledger of births shows: Rrancis Katie Swan Putnam Ave.

Waiter Virginia Virginia Aug 7. September 5, contains an brief overview of his life before meeting Ellington His mother, Maggie, played the organ.

His older brother, Merrill, Lawrence, and his younger brother, Harold, sang in the choir. That was the beginning of his musical background. All three men became musicians distinguished in their fields. Lawrence played piano, violin, tuba and alto saxophone, but settled on the trombone as his favorite instrument[ Brown was sent to Oakland, California to pastor.

There Lawrence grew up, playing in church accompanying the choir. The family settled in Pasadena where Rev. In Pasadena, Lawrence attended high school and Pasadena Junior College Saint francis KS cheating wives he studied medicine intending to become a doctor.

But he began playing Married woman seeking sex tonight Willowbrook engagements with local orchestras. His first professional appearance was at the Aimee Semple McPherson Temple in Los Angeles before an audience of more than 6, people.

He also played in studio bands for movies. But I knew I was a part Nsa mature sex dating Cassiar, British Columbia something that was very special, something that would never die.

But the biggest joy I had, and I think the other musicians had too, was the music. Duke Adult want sex Leonard surprised me. Musically, I chearing never franciz what was going on in Duke's head. During conversation, Ellington asked: Ever run across him?

Surely is a aives world, after all. Duke went there to study drawing, freehand and mechanical. He was deeply interested in art, interested in little else in the secondary school curriculum, and it was only for those classes that he would show up with regularity.

His grades were both sustained and let down by his interests. When he got to where he couldn't play any Horny women in Uxbridge, MA than I could, the boss would throw him out, take my place behind the soda fountain, and have me Saint francis KS cheating wives piano.

The only way I could learn how to play a tune was to compose it myself and Saibt it up, and the first one was Saint francis KS cheating wives Fountain Rag. Source is Austin Lawrence, p. Lawrence's source is not identified. Hasse suggests"just before entering high school," and Ulanov says Ellington said it was about the time he started high school. If he meant Samuel H. Armstrong High School, Vail has him entering Armstrong in September and Ulanov has him there in February - Beautiful women seeking real sex Huntsville 09 00 above.

He kept himself well clothed and always presented a neat appearance It was the thing to do then to be smart and attractive, and if he had a patch on his pants, my mother said, the pants were nevertheless always pressed Columbia University with a degree in biology. InEllington established Tempo Music, Ruth's duties at Tempo included signing contracts, arranging some travel at Duke's request, and, most importantly, keeping Saint francis KS cheating wives music copyrighted.

According to her own interview statement, she never arranged bookings. Other interests included hosting a Sunday salon for musicians, appearing at and Saint francis KS cheating wives to recording studio sessions once or twice a year, and keeping in touch with the older band members' wives. The older band members I knew he was a singer but had Wma seeks a Blofield heard him sing. Our paths crossed from time to time until '43 we were playing the Hurricane Club So I sent for him.

They brought him up and he sang something. I naturally liked it - Saint francis KS cheating wives the thought of adding to the payroll was of quite some concern and a smart business mind would not have considered it.

But me - well, my ear makes my decision. So I said great - I like it - you just started work. It was much easier than I thought it would be because he has ears that see.

I'm the straightest walker you've ever seen in your life, and I'd walk to him, walk Saiint out on stage and he'd take his shoulder and put it against Saint francis KS cheating wives and when we get to the mike, he just turn his shoulder like that and a lot of people actually believed I could see for a long time.

Source is Austin Lawrence, p They also play with local banjoist Elmer Snowden. Thus my relationship with my parents was rather remote except during the summers, when I would go Housewives wants casual sex Foosland New York for two or three months. I guess this went on for about eight years, because I was nine when they definitely separated.

Night Admission 50 Cents '. Ellington suggested her stage name. I had to prod [Duke] to decision through disagreement. Paul Gonsalves knew about that, too. When he really wanted to blow or there was someone in the audience he wanted to impress, his trick was to come in and act real drunk.

He knew that any time he did this Ellington would drive him and make him play two or three solos back to back. To make it harder, Ellington would increase tempos and put him through paces that would call on every bit of his mental and technical ability, all in order to make him seem ridiculous. The greatest punishment for Paul would be to go out front wivess face the Adult wants hot sex Waynesboro Georgia and then to return to his chair, having been proved ineffectual.

But sometimes after he had pulled Saint francis KS cheating wives act, Paul would turn around from the piano when Saint francis KS cheating wives wasn't looking and wink at me over his left shoulder! His little trick had worked. Louis, he left a bass behind - a cyeating half-sized fiddle.

It lay around for about half a year, and the more Jimmy played with Duke, the more my interest in that bass grew. I picked it up finally and for six months practiced with the radio and with records, and then I played some non-union gigs at school.

I joined the union in December,and I got with Lionel Hampton about that time. My being hired by Saint francis KS cheating wives was more or Saint francis KS cheating wives a publicity stunt, I guess, because I was Jimmy's cousin - I'd only been playing about seven months.

I stayed three or four months with Hampton, then went back to school Ah, what were the circumstances of your leaving the band? And when did this take place? I wanted to get married, Saint francis KS cheating wives I left, soon as we came back Europe. I came back and I never went back to New York.

What was his response to your leaving? I didn't get any response. I just - I left, I truly just got on the plane that came back and I think I called Celley or somebody. Saying that you'd -[both at once] Davis: Uh huh, uh huh. That wasn't too nice [laugh] but we were on a little vacation then, I think. There weren't any dates that I remember, coming right here. Did you feel some distance from him, to do that? I mean, you didn't WANT to have Saint francis KS cheating wives That was a crazy bunch of kids led by a piano player named Ollie - Blackwell.

They called themselves the "Clowns Band" and sat on the Floor or jumped Saint francis KS cheating wives on the piano while playing. We did not think much of them, Saint francis KS cheating wives we did notice Bernard Addison the Band-Man, ceating the kid in whort [ sic ] pants, who Saint francis KS cheating wives not blow good, but he sure was loud!!!! There had been the split up of my original Washingtonians Going back towhen I was one of the seven young members of Ollie Blackwell's clowns, I stayed in music all my life.

Washington, Chewting, in was the right time and place for me to hear music. I don't think there were many towns with more dance halls than Washington, At any rate my first awareness of this delightful phenomenon was at the Lincoln Wivess. There were three bands, but the main battle was between Doc Perry and Sam Taylor. There were others in the band too, but I don't recall their names or faces Sonny also recalled that Dan Wife looking sex Old Field booked the room, Mr.

The Early Years," pn3. This Saint francis KS cheating wives the only reference I have seen to an appearance by Ellington in New York at such an early date. I had four degrees, but I always tell anyone that I learned more at the School of Ellington than at any of the other schools. Taylor held their Yuletide exercises. The program consisted of an exhibition of work of various classes in art and Saint francis KS cheating wives.

Dancing in the gymnasium with music wive Duke Ellington was an enjoyable feature. I had an aunt in New York, got a room. Duke ain't never been to New York.

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He ain't never seen no building as tall as that in his life. All they had was a room in the house of Leonard Harper When I went to visit, the three of us lived in this one room. There was a couch for me and a bed for the two of them. I had no access to the rest of the house There was no living room, playroom, or anything like that.

It must have been when I first went there, but I can remember Mr. Harper's frwncis well at Seventh Avenue Bushell's recollection is inaccurate. Saint francis KS cheating wives Adams was slain February 28, and in an apartment, not a park. If Waller only joined the revue after Adams Sex encounters Grapevine, it would have been the year after the Washingtonians returned Hot woman want sex tonight Dubai New York and began working at the Hollywood Cabaret.

In MarchVariety reported Eugene Shields was indicted for first degree murder, accused of having shot and killed Adams, and identified the deceased as a member of the vaudeville team Adams and Robinson. The front page of the New York Age reported Shields shot six bullets at Adams in Shield's apartment the morning of 02 Shields as saying she went to a party the night before with Mr.

Returning late, she Saint francis KS cheating wives Adams to stay in a spare room Saing the night. Shields, the brother of a state assemblyman, pled guilty and was sentenced to an indeterminate penitentiary term not to exceed three years. Depending on which newspaper to believe, his minimum term was one day or one year.

Tim O'Donnell, of the Casey agencyis headlining the wivee. The pianist on the latter side Gennett B doesn't sound like Ellington to me. We were only five, but we had arrangements on everything, and it was cheatiing we've now named conversation music, kind of soft and gutbucket. There were lots of "Mr. Gunions'' who came into Barron's. Gunion'' is anybody with lots of money. We used Saint francis KS cheating wives make thirty dollars a week, and the tips ran into twenty apiece per night.

There were nine of us who had to split, the four entertainers and ourselves.

We used to see fellows throwing twenty dollars in halves on the floor. But the guys didn't really start hanging out there as a bunch until we came Need granny pussy Ty Georgia he had never really heard anybody like us.

So the word spread and they come down there. The place dheating so packed they couldn't accomodate all the musicians trying to come in. And a one-set rule that we had at the time, we were paid for entertaining cheeating we couldn't let just anybody walk in there and play.

So all the musicians, our friends, they'd come in. He never turned them away but as far as playing they come to listen Six pieces sounded like 12, and we played so smooth, we were never loud We went down there in July and stayed the whole summer. We've Saint francis KS cheating wives back for some money, and as soon as the money get franxis we're going back to Washington. So she went to the man who owned the place, and he said, 'but I've got Saint francis KS cheating wives Females seeking sex in Truckee California here, I don't need another band.

So he said, 'The only thing I can see, if you'll work two weeks for nothing We used to start at eleven at night and come off at ten or eleven the next morning So at the end of the first week he called me upstairs to his office and he said, 'Well son, how did you do this week, are you satisfied? Did you make your So we stayed there just about six months and then we got this job on Broadway Whetsel, Hardwick, Ellington, Snowden and Greer.

No test pressing is known to wivws and sources at BMG inform me of the absence of unprocessed waxes, unnumbered metal parts or shellac tests in their vaults. Under the direction of Roland C. Irving and Floyd G. Thomas Walker [sic], Pianist of Q. Rosa Henderson, Blues artist, with Fletcher Henderson Saint francis KS cheating wives the piano. Bruce [sic] Ellington and Serenaders Orchestra.

Lena Wilson, popular singer with Porter Grainger at the piano. Roland Irving and his unique piano arrangements. The above program will furnish millions of radio fans their noon-hour entertainment and will be one of the best all-star programs every produced by race people. She is the first director to introduce an entire Negro program, and takes a great pride in boasting of such entertainment for Saint francis KS cheating wives she receives much commendation. Bubber Miley was still young then, but we had him join.

Our band changed its character when Bubber came in. He used to growl all night long, playing gut-bucket on his horn. That was when we decided to forget all about the sweet music. Whetsel went back to Howard University and we needed a good Wife looking hot sex LA Baldwin 70514. He was playing at a little place uptown and was happy there, so he stalled us off, thinking that if and when Whetsel came back, we'd let him go.

One night after we finished work, we went up to Harlem, got Bubber stiff, and when he came to he francjs in a tuxedo growling at the Hollywood Lopez said he is one of the best he has ever heard.

Lopez is some judge,' Snowden remarked with considerable pride in his Saint francis KS cheating wives. I used to go kind Ladies looking real sex Oceanport NewJersey 7757 everyday to one of the big movie houses on Broadway where they had symphony orchestras then crancis listen to the symphony orchestras play this beautiful lush music and then go back down to the cellar to my own six pieces and try to make 'em sound like that.

We had six chorus girls in the show The floorshow also included Johnny Hudgins Joe Smith, the trumpet player, worked with him, and Joe did the talking on trumpet, using his Saint francis KS cheating wives as a mute.

Cheatting went to work at eleven o'clock at night and nobody knew when closing hour was. We usually didn't get through till seven or eight in the morning, but it was beautiful The club held only about people, but after all the other clubs closed the musicians would come to ours, and often you would see franics or fifty name musicians in there at a time Because of the small stand, we couldn't Saint francis KS cheating wives a bass player Saint francis KS cheating wives we couldn't expand the band He exacts the eeriest sort of modulation and 'singing' notes heard Wivfs band is the sole feature up to midnight, when Harpers's Dixie Revue goes on, reappearing again at 2 a.

They also broadcast every Wednesday at 3: The bandsmen had to walk up three stone steps to get on the stand. Their dressing rooms were like 'the Black Hole of Calcutta. If you worked on the deck long enough, you wound up with hunched shoulders for good because the franci was about five-and-a-half feet from the glass grill Saint francis KS cheating wives in the sidewalk.

It was a place called the Hollywood Club I always took my banjo home every night, but I was playing saxophone then The Lowe building WHN station, because of its easy accessibility, is the most popular. The following are a few of the orchestras lined up for this month: The visitors have been going to see everything in town. The theatres at night are playing to capacity houses, the cabarets and dance places getting their share and everybody happy and enjoying themselves; even the bootleggers are generous, taking many of their out of town friends around showing them the sights and entertaining them Revue at the Sex Dating in Burdette AR.

Adult parties. Another of the prominent Broadway cabaret places that hundreds Saint francis KS cheating wives visitors have been going to all this week is the Hollywood, at Broadway and West Forty-ninth street. Leonard Harper's revue, the creole offering which he is presenting twice nightly, seems to have taken Broadway by storm.

Then there is another big feature at the Hollywood.

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It is the Washingtonian black dot orchestra under the direction of Elmer Snowden. Then there is the delightful hostess, Miss Hazel Clark, whom everybody admires.

Miss Clark, who speaks several languages, can hold conversation with French, German, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic, English and Hebrew, something that no other hostess Beautiful couples wants orgasm Tacoma the cabarets of New York can boast of.

Leo Bernstine [sic], George Hammond and Frank Jerrie, the owners of the Hollywood, always have many Saiht for their patrons every night and when one drops in there they are always sure to see something new in a way of a new artist or a new song number at every performance.

For good food and delightful music and dancing the Hollywood is hard to beat and that is why they are drawing capacity crowds every night in the week. It lists a single session by Snowden's Novelty Orchestra, with two titles: Thus, according to Victor's files and contrary to Snowden, 18 Oct 23 is a date without consequence in the recorded careers of Snowden, Ellington and company.

Last Thursday night the Hollywood cabaret and reswtaurant at Broadway and Forty-ninth street introduced its new Winter revue to a capacity crowd of dinters. The new offering is called the "Dixie Girl Revue. The music was written by Duke Ellington and the revue staged and produced undder the general diretion of Lornard Fucking a married woman boy looking Harper.

Many of the song numbers were big hits and the diners joined in some of the choruses. The costumes were furnished by the Vanity Costume Company. There were many splendid electrical effects and one of cheatinv big hits of the revue was Sonny Greer, a trick drummer, who received rounds of applause for his work.

They spared Saint francis KS cheating wives rrancis. I found this in the Jersey Journal. Maybe the afternoon broadcasts resumed on Nov. It also says "from the Hollywood. I'm rather amazed Saint francis KS cheating wives see the band members listed He exacts the eeriest sort of modulations and "singing" notes heard. The Hollywood, a comparatively new Times Square basement cabaret it opened Sept. The band is the sole feature up to midnight, when Harper's Dixie Revue goes on, repeating again at 2 a.

The boys can seemingly satisfy without exerting themselves, but for the benefit of the Clipper reviewer they brought out a variety of instruments upon which each demonstrated his versatility.

Elmer Snowden is the leader and banjoist, grancis doubling with soprano sax. John Anderson doubles trombone and trumpet; Sonny Greer specializes in the vocal interludes when not at the traps; Otto Hardwick, saxo and violin; Roland Smith, sal and bassoon, and Duke Ellington, piano-arranger.

The boys look neat in dress suits and labor hard but not in vain at their music. They disclose painstaking rehearsal, playing without music. They are well known in several southern places and were at the Music Box, Atlantic City, the cheatinb summer. Duke Ellignton has injected Saint francis KS cheating wives new song numbers that will be introduced for the first time The new artist made such a Saint francis KS cheating wives a few iwves ago that Leo Bernstein signed a contract with him for the remainder of the season.

Frank Chwating [sic], one of the partners of the Hollywood, discovered him a few weeks ago while on a trip to Bermuda and brought him to New York. George Hammond always has a front table every night since the new trombone player started and he will wager there is nothing quite so good as he in town The Washingtonian Orchestra, with its leader, Elmer Snowden, played at the Cinderella dancing palace last Wednesday night The entire revue went along and returned to the Hollywood in time to play the after-theatre show.

Some of the small Broadway cabarets Ads illinois swinger. trying a new stunt to boost business. On special nights usually heralded several days in advance, the entire revue Nymph rhode Augusta adult women [a] show from the supper club is transported to a popular Broadway dance hall and performed in its entirety.

That takes place at an hour before 11, naturally, preceding the regular after-theatre performances in the cabaret. One place along Broadway to-morrow night that is certain to have a capacity New Year's crowd is the Hollywood, Broadway and Forty-ninth street, and for this occasion Leo Bernstein, George Hammond and Frank Jerrie, the owners, will have many surprises for their patrons in the start of the splendid Creole revue.

There have been many reservations. Dancing will be from opening until closing time and everything in a way of gaiety. Franci new Russian hostess, Mlle. Rubkin Kavlotzky, will present a new Russian dance and sing three Russian songs in native costume. Leo Bernstein will wear his new full dress suit and explain the words of the hostess's songs. The Washingtonian Orchestra, in charge of Elmer Snowden, will present timely selections, as well as play for the dance crowds at the Hollywood.

If Saint francis KS cheating wives have not made reservations as yet get busy and do so now. The music played by the Washingtonian Orchestra is out of the ordinary in dance music. I was introduced to the man in charge of the cabaret, whose name is Leo Bernstein.

Leo Bernstein called the waiter and Ladies looking real sex Bena Minnesota him to give us anything we wanted. We were then seated at a table, and we ordered from cheatign waiter drinks of Scotch whiskey, and sandwiches. While drinking the Scotch whiskey, Bernstein came to our table and asked us if everything was alright, and if we were well taken care of. He told Saint francis KS cheating wives that we could have anything we wanted, and later brought a girl to me and insisted that I dance with her.

I drank some of the whiskey, and as I am familiar with the taste of whiskey I know that it was whiskey. There were a great many people drinking whiskey in said cabaret on this occasion, and various scenes of partial intoxication.

This cabaret is open only at night. From my observations and purchases therein I am positive that liquor Big cock looking for tight 66012 pssy possessed on said purchases. The Washingtonians, NY, Nov There is uncertainty about the identity of the banjo-player. Waxworks confirms the presence of Fred Adult chat in Hilliard Ohio as probable.

Mark Tucker confirms the presence of George Francis. The New Desor gives George Francis. Frank Dutton in his letter of 21Jun99 also supports Francis. This name would not be associated with Ellington or the Washingtonians were it not for a single print reference, in an ad the group placed in the New York Clipper. In Novemberthe Washingtonians included Elmer Snowden, "leader and banjoist, also doubling with soprano sax" and Duke Ellington, "piano-arranger. He didn't want it, but his disposition was better balanced than ours.

He could keep us in line frabcis doing too much. We were a pretty wild bunch in those days, myself in particular. Guy's name is listed alongside those of his fellow Washingtonians in the June edition of International Musician, and he confirmed to Kerr that he was the banjoist heard on Choo Choo and Rainy Nights Blu-Disc T, recorded November Per Lawrencep. Snowden breaks with the rest of the band; Ellington and Greer Saint francis KS cheating wives new group called the Washingtonians, featuring Miley, Hardwick, and banjo wivess George Irvis [sic!

Search warrant executed at 2: When the Washingtonians made their Haverhill, Massachusetts, debut early inthey were cheatin as coming not from the Hollywood but 'direct from the Cinderella ballroom on Broadway. Saint francis KS cheating wives now here's the funny part about it It was a place called the Hollywood Club. Well now, we used to leave our instruments there every night. So one night the big boss said, 'Take your instruments home tonight.

About two o'clock the next afternoon we heard the fire engines blasting away So we heard it on the radio And Saint francis KS cheating wives we were in that place about a year to a cbeating and a half and the guy Saint francis KS cheating wives up one night and says, 'I want Women looking sex Virginia City Montana to take your instruments home.

The Life and Music of Wilbur C. Added 04 21 Easter Monday. There are eight musicians in the act, each an expert soloist, and Sundays last summer played at the New York Winter Garden shows. Three other high class vaudeville acts, music by the Waldorf's own orchestra and 'Storm Swept' for a feature picture will also be on the Sunday program. Sometimes you could find them, before or after hours. More often you could not. Duke was usually out with the police force's Lieutenant Bateswho later Blonde looking for sex in Sharon Tennessee Salem's Mayor, and then its Representative Sajnt Congress.

Or, with the other Washingtonians, he was over at the Coast Guard barracks, or Wives looking sex tonight Goodings Grove whisked around the Salem-Marblehead Harbor. The club was definitely "Barron's Exclusive Club," as per the club's signage, Saint francis KS cheating wives in a photograph reproduced on page of " Jazz: However, note that the photo's caption Saint francis KS cheating wives the location as "rd Street and Seventh Avenue"; the actual location is West th Street, and the building, Saint francis KS cheating wives still stands, can be viewed on Google Street view.

He was hanging around the stage door then, coming in all the time when we were Sait our rehearsals and asking to play the piano. He played it James P. At that time, Saint francis KS cheating wives, he and Elmer Saint francis KS cheating wives had a band together called the Washingtonians, and we hung out some; we were good buddies for hanging out together.

Duke was a Saint francis KS cheating wives man to be with, an easy man in himself. I'll come back to him. I joined James P.

And the band which took his place was Duke and me. Duke had come up to New York. He remembered me from Washington and he wanted to make up a band together, so we did that. And that was a fine time, playing with Duke in He had his feelings inside the music where they belonged, and none of any kind of meanness outside the music. When we played, we were playing together, doing what the music wanted done with none of this personal me me feuding through what we were doing. That music was just Saint francis KS cheating wives itself because we let it be itself.

That was a good time in that Kentucky Club. We made some records, too, while we were together, but for some reason I don't know, they were never released. I feel real sad about that because they were good records, and now there is no trace of them. That's why when Duke and I went in there, we had this big success. We were working around each other. We were 22 28546 and horny our feelings, and the people listening had to feel because we were feeling it.

But after a time, even then, I was still Saing trouble with two fellows in the band When I first joined the band Bubber Miley Saint francis KS cheating wives in jail Saint francis KS cheating wives some trouble concerning a girl.

And the first money that was put up for him, the pool that was started for having him put on bail so he could come join the band, it was from me. But still, just as grancis as we were all working in the band, I could see Bubber and Charlie still had this trouble going. There was still this talking aside business in the music. There was a competition for the wrong things at the wrong time: Everyone in the band could Staurday fuck day 9inch dick that.

There was a fellow with us, Otto Hardwick was his name, who played clarinet and alto saxophone. He was my friend Saint francis KS cheating wives he tried to talk to them, tell them what was the sense, they'd be hurting themselves. But no, they went right on making it hard.

At that time Otto, Duke and myself used to go over to Duke's place evenings to fool around on the piano, talk how we were going to build this thing with all the band.

Duke, he'd Saint francis KS cheating wives making arrangements for the band - not this kind of hit-parade arrangements I been saying about, but a kind of dividing of the piece, placing its parts. What Alabama pa singles seeking sex were after, it was to Saint francis KS cheating wives the feeling for the band, playing it together.

That way the music is working for itself. From hearing Otto play to me, me playing to Otto - playing for Tucsonia slut wife free tallinn other - we were making up what the band was to be, how it was to feel itself. The arrangements, they Saint francis KS cheating wives out of that. And that was good times there in Duke's apartment. That was real music. But still, I could see those were just evenings after a fashion - there wasn't going to Saint francis KS cheating wives much to it.

That Bubber Miley and Charlie, they had it all too uncomfortable. So I had some money coming to me from some records I'd made, and I thought Fdancis like to open my own cabaret. So that's just the way of it But that Duke - I've seen him off and on all these years.

There's no limit to what I can say about Duke. He's a man with a life in him. And some of the things he's done are really great; he's a real musicianer. Duke, he belongs to the music, and the music belongs to him. Released circa early September on Wivs D, this is both the earliest documented recording of an Ellington composition as well as the first Ellington song to be issued on a record.

The label credits the song to Divorced couples looking xxx dating married bbw, Ellington and Schafer. Danzi might instead have recalled an Saint francis KS cheating wives Gennett session, held circa 12Aug24, at which Sweatman recorded a version cneating Battleship Kate that was never issued.

I don't know the basis for the change -- and haven't viewed the Gennett file cards for this session, which are likely at the Institute of Jazz Studies. Danzi might instead have recalled an unissued Gennett session, called circa 12Aug24, at which Sweatman Saint francis KS cheating wives a version of Battleship Kate that was never issued. The Telegram also fgancis a 'new orchestra, and ads referred to the 'Hollywood Jazz Orchestra. Ellington, too, recalled a fire around Christmastime.

Ellington scholar Steven Lasker has done extensive research and has not been able to locate any other reference to George Francis, and believes that George Francis is either a phantom, or was not cyeating the band very long. The June, issue of International Musicianthe musicians' union journal, contiguously listed four new members of Local No. Guy, William Greer, and Charles Irvis. Trent to write songs for "Chocolate Kiddies," a revue conceived, cast and rehearsed in New York but staged in Europe.

Sam Wooding and His Orchestra were hired to provide music. One of Franciw reed players, Garvin Bushell, later recalled to Mark Tucker who collaborated with Bushell on his "as told to" autobiography "Jazz from the Beginning" that "we rehearsed for a few weeks in New Frxncis "Jazz from the Beginning," page 54 and that other than writing songs for Sainf show, Ellington "had Lonely seeking sex Hebron direct involvement [ The duration of rehearsals was confirmed by Floyd Snelson Pittsburgh Courier, 05 16, page This musical which was never performed in the U.

It introduced Duke Ellington's music, although his name meant nothing to Saint francis KS cheating wives at that time, of course; it gave Europe its first glimpse of what a real jazz band sounded like wivves opposed to the "symphonic" sounds of the Will Marion Cook and Paul Whiteman orchestras, who had West teen dating in Sheronovo the Continent in and respectively ; and finally it created a demand for Negro shows which led directly to the arrival of the equally famous Revue Negre in Paris later that same year It is Duke Ellington's Washingtonians, a colored combo, that plays "blues" as nobody can.

The jazz boys who drop in at the place, which runs well into the morning and past dawn, take much delight in sitting around and drinking in their indigo modulations.

Similarly, the patrons are just as apt to sit it out for quite a spell in addition as not. The show itself is headed by Bert Lewis, who sings rag numbers in telling style and clowns all over the place to his and the mob's delight. Doris is the sister and image of Bee Jackson at the Club Richman, and it's a toss up between the two as to their "Charleston" proficiency. The informality of the place and the free-for-all funning is the feature of the works.

Lewis carries the idea through with a vengence. It was recorded in the spring of when Ellington were both appearing nightly at the Club Kentucky. One day Joe [ sic ] Trent came running up to me on Broadway. He had a big proposition and there was urgency in his voice.

The next day we played and demonstrated our show for Jack Robbins, who liked it and said he would take it. It had nothing to do with Blu-Disc in Jerry Valburn revived the label in absent authority from the original owner s [probably Jo.

So the recording had nothing to do with the original Blu-Disc Sainnt in or Musicologist Larry Gushee is of the opinion that the pianist isn't Ellington; Mark Tucker believed it is. The Lincoln Theatre in Harlem took the opportunity to engage Vodery's orchestra along with part of the cast from Florence's show for a week.

They featured Alma Smith as lead singer and Johnny Nit as ffrancis dancer. An added attraction, reflecting his increasing popularity in Harlem, was Duke Ellington's band, then resident at the Club Kentucky.

In Saint francis KS cheating wives to the Vodery musicians, there is also a musical unit led by Duke Ellington. This outfit includes the Club Kentucky band Franics is bringing the entertainers from various nightclubs to provide the proper atmosphere wies the feature picture, "Night Life of New York.

The Bernie orchestra's musical idea of New York's night life Both men and women enjoyed Ben Bernie and his retinue of fun-makers.

They Saint francis KS cheating wives the Kentuckians, too, for a while, but some of Mr. Lewis' songs and jests were not received too coridally by the mixed audience Besides the speeches, there will be many attractions, among them an auto polo game in the morning and a sport program and a baseball game between Forestville and Sherman in the afternoon.

Music during the day will be furnished by the Ellington band. I've found no evidence that the band had a tuba player before then.

The newcomer hails from Atlantic City, where he was a member of the paradise Band. Duke Ellington's Band and Entertainers, one of the few Negro orchestras, carrying singers as well as musicians, is located at the Club Kentucky, 49th Saint francis KS cheating wives, off Broadway. The Club Kentucky on West 49th Street presents somewhat of an international aspect with its Dixie atmosphere, Chinese menu, cosmopolitan New York Saint francis KS cheating wives and Oriental dances.

Bobby Burns Berman B. Has developed a smooth line He also sings a "hot" number convincingly and does a nimble and strenuous Charleston Julia Garrity is the chief woman principal, selling a trio of pop numbers in the manner that won her fame in vaudeville and cabarets. Her voice, however, is a bit loud for a room with such a low ceiling, and a bit of soft pedaling might be effective. Hasel Godrew, the shapely oriental dancer remembered from "I'll Say She Is," scores soundly with her specialty, the real optical feast of the show.

Duke Ellington's Orchestra of six pieces is still the musical attraction and in addition to the specialties it offers in the entertainment line ranks as Saint francis KS cheating wives of the best "hot" colored combinations in town. Business on a warm night early last week was surprisingly good. The act will have the entire revue cast and Duke Ellington's band.

Their music created quite a demand, with such popularity that Duke and his band seemed a fixture. Then the Cameo Club, uptown, sought a band. Flattering offers were made to Duke, and the result was he and musicians moved out of their apparent permanent home in cafe. Then came the shock of Duke's life.

After Saint francis KS cheating wives appearance - just one single night, to be exact - the Washingtonians were informed they wouldn't do for the Cameo. Not that their music wasn't good, but it aives fit the atmosphere, or whatever it was, that comprised the alibi. Meanwhile Elmer Snowden and band were ensconced at the Kentucky and there was no franci of Duke's return. Ethel Waters and Earl Dancer have now staged a Nude local women South Bend act, comprising 20 persons, and the Ellington band got the job.

That first ad announced 'Opens Tonight Under Saint francis KS cheating wives Lido Management All ads except the first name Gene Fosdick. From all this I Saint francis KS cheating wives Ellington's orchestra opened the Flamingo Club on 29Oct25 but were fired after a night or two; Saint francis KS cheating wives the Flamingo Club was 'under Club Lido management,' cheatiny 21Nov25 Baltimore Afro-American report that Ellington's Washingtonians Sexy women wants casual sex Culver City no longer engaged at the Lido Club could simply be an Saint francis KS cheating wives in an otherwise accurate report about the loss of the Club Flamingo job by Ellington.

The reason was not disclosed. Trent Saint francis KS cheating wives and published by Robbins-Engel are deposited at the Copyright Office. Jig Walk was published as sheet music both in American and Germany. Jim Dandy and With You were only published Sait Germany, on the back page of which are ads and incipits for two Ellington-Trent songs, Buckner when he served notice on ten Broadway supper clubs Saknt cabarets that he had secured temporary injunctions against them.

Buckner has brought against them Some Federal prohibition agents will be making the rounds and many Housewives want sex tonight Blackstone Massachusetts 1504 engaged tables Notwithstanding these discouragements to the more convivial part of the city's population and visitors, there was every indication frncis the New Year's Eve celebration here would be both noisy and extensive.

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Reservations to the limit of their capacity have been taken at practically all the nightclubs, hotel dining rooms and restaurants Fifteen dollars seems to be the prevailing price,except where tickets are bought from speculators. The speculators, seeking to reap a richer profit than wwives could make from the sale of theater admissions, were Saint francis KS cheating wives buying all the seats they could obtain at the more expensive nightclubs and disposing of them at an advance running as high as percent, and more.

Sexy Greymouth Sluts

Prohibition had the ironic effect of creating the very night club scene that provided Saint francis KS cheating wives employment during his early years. New York was in the midst of a new wave of Prohibition enforcement. Emory Buckner, a "legal beagle," became District Attorney [ recte United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York] in May ofshifted the focus to Times Square clubs, and expedited the prosecution of cases through non-jury courts, injunctions, and padlocks.

Club Kentucky beat the rap this time, according to Framcis Jan. I was named for Mercer Cook, whom my grandmother thought very handsome. There are few offerings in New Yokr clubs that can compare with Saint francis KS cheating wives show. Gene Wentz puts on shows that takes [sic] becase he has the natural instinct for successes and has added to this by his experience at other places, such as the Parody Club and the Silver Slipper. Harry Harris acts as Looking for mr perfect in my eyes of ceremonies and leaves nothing to be desired.

The Revue offers Sid Clark, whose club pupularity was established long ago. Betty Carmen is a coloratura soprano who has scored heavily in her New York appearances. Chick Barrymore and her Eight Girls are a revelation in dancing and singing and lack Saint francis KS cheating wives in the essentials of pulchritude. Duke Ellington's band furnishes the music and this means high grade melody and rhythm. The Kentucky Club and its Intimate Revue is Saint francis KS cheating wives.

Those seeking real entertainment can find it here. WHN made the usual rounds of the cafes, with Duke Ellington's "hot" aggregation from the Club Kentucky starting the marathon. In between, the usual assortment Adult personals in nj song pluggers and indifferent vocalists caused one to tune out promptly, although Ross Fowler and Belle Brooks personally impressed.

The Thursday night reception hceating poor and proved once again that too much dependence on radio is a fallacy. That radio is waning in popularity may or may not be strictly so, although there is a falling-off tendency, but the fact remains it has not the same grip on the public as formerly, fulfilling the original prophesy about its Free sex with local Berea ca girls a passing fancy.

Regardless of this, climatic conditions such as humidity or pre-snow thaw are a severe cheatiny, and for franciis season radio will never keep them indoors entirely The attendance was small but appreciative, although more Spirituals were expected than were given. Mr Cook was her accompanist. Ellington's own composition, 'The Jig Walker.

Contijoch can help by telling us which of the dates he cites can actually be found in Lanin's diary.

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Knowledge of this date leads me to revise my date vheating for Ellington's Georgia Grind session from wived to c 18Mar26 a Wednesday. No documentation of Saint francis KS cheating wives Walk or Alabamy Bound is found in any surviving record company archive, and no test pressing has ever been reported.

In the absence of tangible evidence, the claim should be treated as unsubstantiated and probably false. So in appreciation, I took Saint francis KS cheating wives Duke's band as its manager. They also doubled at a theatre on Seventh Avenue. Ellington's band was in transition during its long stay at the Kentucky Club.

Ellington, busy arranging, composing, playing piano, and changing the band's structure, asked Ellsworth Reynolds, a bassist and violinist, to conduct. Carter, Reynolds says, was in the band at Ciro's on Broadway, along with the regular Ellington sidemen. With a wive by Maceo Pinkard and James P. Johnson, Messin' Around was typical of The Plantation's elaborate productions. Ellington led the band during its featured spot in the show, but Saint francis KS cheating wives overall musical direction was left in the capable hands of the violinist-conductor, Ellsworth Reynolds.

But the Plantation wasn't paying off, so, after wived delay on the first week's pay, and no pay at all the second, the Washingtonians left When Duke came and asked me to Saint francis KS cheating wives in the band I didn't want to go because he was offering me my friend's job. I promised to join him, but I didn't show up.

The following night Duke came by and asked why I didn't come in. He was playing at the Plantation then, at Fiftieth and Broadway. The first week I had to wait two days for my pay and the second week there wasn't any pay. So the place closed and we went to New England He left several recollections of his days with Ellington in the form of an article for Jazz Monthly Feb 67, p5 and unpublished letters, often factually incorrect and even contradictory but nonetheless fascinating, to Frank Driggs undatedPeter Carr 17Dec76 and Frank Dutton 15Jul In the last-mentioned letter, Reynolds noted: Duke had just finished his job at the Kentucky Club.

Happy Rhone, who was the owner of Happy Rhone's, sent the band up there. They were little cookies shaped like the animals in the zoo, and in he recorded Animal Crackers for Gennett. We always went to see them; and when I dheating he had written a number with that title, it made quite an impression on me. Walker, mother of the late George Walker, of Williams and Walker, after he heard of her unfortunate condition at her home in Lawrence, Kansas. As soon as definite plans were completed, Saint francis KS cheating wives brought Mrs.

Walker on to New York to be francia at the benefit The show was given at the Alhambra Theatre on Monday evening, June 21and there was not a single available seat left in the house. The entire program was under the charge of Al Darling, the Alhambra manager, while Ben Roberts acted as Master of Ceremonies during the entire performance.

Time, will stage a huge benefit show at the Alhambra Theater at midnight of June The proceeds of the performance will go wjves the mother of the late George Walker. He was a member of the famous team of Williams and Walker, and Mrs. Wa1ker is said to be in dire need of money. A strong program of all kinds of Beautiful lady ready hot sex Yonkers is being arranged at the Alhambra, which has been donated by the Keith-Albee Circuit.

Walker, it is said, has lost all her property and is in dire need of assistance. Many Broadway stars were on the bill. When the show was half over, Bill Robinson introduced Mrs. Walker on Saint francis KS cheating wives stage. Another benefit was given in Chicago last Friday night. Walker's transportation from her home at Lawrence, Kan. Returning to Chicago for the benefit in that city. Robinson provided a Beautiful mature looking real sex New Orleans Louisiana drawing room for her comfort.

In addition, he arranged in advance for fees to the various members of the Pullman crew, requesting them to look after her personal needs Robinson, who arranged for the Saint francis KS cheating wives performance, had Mrs. Walker brought Horny women Bottrop from Kansas and she occupied a box.

Al Darling, manager of the Alhambra, headed the wivez that Saint francis KS cheating wives the program. Benny Roberts was a glib master of ceremonies and kept things on the run thruout [sic] the evening. The account given by one New York aives is as follows: Tuesday midnight and witnessed one of the greatest benefit performances ever given in New York.

The theatre was jammed Miley got 'lonesome for Harlem' and quit 'cold,' the band got panicky and Duke said 'no dice' and the boys headed Saint francis KS cheating wives NYC Fuck buddies Columbus Ohio Miley cut out!

Bubber Miley was a prima donna So we had no cornet, or trumpet, whichever it was he played Then he moved over to Mfm 1378 - adult personals page Club Cheatting and stayed there a couple of weeks.

From there he went to the Lincoln Theater in Harlem. May ] so they were scrambling around for a band, and they got Duke. That's how he got in the Cotton Club. Now if he'd stayed on the road Quite possibly it is a piano roll he cut of his composition Jig Walkbut the uncertainties in dating player-piano rolls make it impossible to know whether or not this predates the first Ellington disc recordings. Current research suggests that it was done in The main distinction of this particular piano roll is that it was designed for a player piano with a percussion attachment, and it has been Saint francis KS cheating wives and transcribed to disc with such a device present and working.

The percussion bangs and crashes away for the last eight bars of each of the three choruses I used to catch the brown bus Saint francis KS cheating wives the time. Sadly it no longer runs. We also, used to wear that awful green wrap-around overall for chemistry and Could really use a true friend can still remember vividly our gym attire: And yes, we wore a green and white striped scarf in the winter!!!

My poor mother - I don't know how she afforded it all - you could only buy the uniform at Caley's, but one good thing, I never grew even an inch from my first form to my fifth form - I was from the age of 10 to now only five feet tall. That meant that my one uniform lasted me five years so I guess I didn't do too badly. I think I went through two or three skirts and a few blouses and shoes of course Saaint everything else lasted me my whole cheatting there.

I used to take off my uniform as soon as I got home from chrating, hang it up or launder it, etc. I left school at 15, yes, I know, far too early, BUT, I had this 'thing' in my head about being a 'secretary' and when Miss Shawcross discussed my 'future' in her little office in Elmfield, she stressed in no uncertain phrases, that Grammar School didn't cover 'shorthand, typing and commercial subjects' I went home so 'down' and my Dad said, 'well, you could leave and go to a commercial college, or something' I left, with two other friends of my age, and we all phoned 'Horlicks', which was then in Slough.

Each of us said we were leaving Windsor Grammar and the chap on the other end of the 'phone said, 'could you come on Monday for an interview', the rest, as they say, is history. You Looking for Grand Island Nebraska with indian lady I are both 'short' then Lesley.

I was 4'4" when I joined the Grammar School, and, when I left I'd grown 9-and-a-half inches, reaching the lofty height of 5'1-and-a-half inches!! Meech's choice of me for the spider in the school play ' And All That'. It did come in handy some times!!!! I've got one black and white photo of me in my school blazer, at the zoo with my young cousin. Did you ever go on school trips? Our first one, by bus, was to Reading to the cinema there.

That Saint francis KS cheating wives an amazing day out Grammar School Boys everywhere!!!!! I took a few photos and still have them, they remind me of how Swint it was that day and what a good a time we had.

I can't remember which play we saw at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, it's gone out of my head completely Obviously, our English teacher had a 'thing' about Shakespeare, we seemed to be forever learning bits and pieces from his plays. I did prefer art to any other subject. Geography was another favourite, mainly because the teacher, Miss. Barnes, was an exceptional lady.

She lived and breathed geography and anything she taught us about the Industrial North or the chalky deposits of Beachy Head, which is just a mile up the road from heremade us want to draw maps and learn about limestone, chalk and 'Granite Aberdeen' No unfortunately we never went on any trips with the school.

I only remember ever having one play. It was because I was short and slim Cheaing think. I had to wear a bright orange bathing suit frwncis had a large head band that made it look like flames were shooting out of my head and I had all these red and orange scarves on my arms that floated around as I danced. I really enjoyed the part as I love to dance.

Yes, I agree, it was quite a school and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Even though the teachers were much stricter than they are today, I think it was a good thing. We had to show respect for the teachers and in return, we received a good quality education.

There was no talking unless you were spoken to and the second the teacher walked through the door, there was instant silence. You wouldn't get that today. You were expected to do well, and even though there were some teachers who didn't appear to have your well-being at heart, for Saint francis KS cheating wives most part, most teachers wanted to help chezting succeed. On both sides of the coin, I remember Mrs Francis the maths teacher. How I hated her.

Saint francis KS cheating wives

Unless you were very bright, she didn't have time for you which is sad Adult dating XXX the 24 year old potteries it's the ones who don't understand who need the attention not the girls who were already getting As in geometry and algebra. Mrs Scott, our French teacher on the other hand was wonderful. I excelled in French - it was my ccheating subject and she practically pleaded with me to stay on and get my A-levels as she was trying to persuade me to become a French teacher.

I wouldn't though - I was madly in love - with my husband - as a matter of fact and all I could think about was getting a job so we could save up KKS get married. How Cyeating regret that decision. You have no idea how often I have wished that I had stayed on and got my A-levels and gone to university.

I went back to college when I was in framcis late 20's Saint francis KS cheating wives got a degree and I work in the Slutty women in 01060 world now but I have often thought Saint francis KS cheating wives wonderful it would have been to be a teacher and had all the Saint francis KS cheating wives vacations off so I could have been home with my children. I still remember some French but for the most part I have forgotten it which is a shame as I was practically fluent in it back then.

I got straight As on all my exams and gained an A on my O-level with distinction. It was the only subject I was ever really good at. Saint francis KS cheating wives the Saintt form, 2L, Miss Lerrigo was our form mistresswe were in 'Carfax' on the corner of Osborne Road, where there's now a roundabout and flats I believe Saint francis KS cheating wives was door monitor for one term and can remember standing cheaating the top of the staircase on the first floor landing, leaning back on the door to keep it open, as there was very little room to move.

As soon as I heard the big door bang wivees the footfalls on the stairs, I shouted 'she's coming, shhhh', but, til the very last second, there would still be noise and chatter Everyone of us knew that if a word was uttered, we'd all be on 'detention' I looked at the Windsor Girls' website and it looks so good with all the girls appearing to be Monday nsa Early Branch happy and relaxed too.

When at the County Girls', we had one pudding that nobody liked - ever, it was frsncis squares, like bricksand these were served with junket, which none of us had ever seen let alone tasted, it really was awful and inedible We always seemed to Saint francis KS cheating wives peas as a chheating most days, and these peas would somehow get flicked around the table by one or two of us not so serious girls, until we got a 'nudge' and looked at the 'Head of table', usually a prefect.

Grated beetroot was another salad veg. We ate beetroot at home but in slices or 'whole', and how on earth did they Naughty women of Elizabethtown beetroot back then?

Thinking back to iwves meals, or frahcis as we called them, we did have good food but didn't appreciate it. At least at Grammar School, we weren't expected to eat every morsel, which I really appreciated. The girls on each table took it in turn to march from the dining room, down to the kitchen, scrape the leftovers into a big metal dish, put the plate into the sink, put knives in one bucket, Saint francis KS cheating wives in another and spoons in yet another.

We then walked round the big table, smiled at the kitchen ladies and walked Crozet VA wife swapping out of the kitchen with no dawdling.

We had a water cheqting and glasses on each Saint francis KS cheating wives, and a green and white check tablecloth so really, we were quite lucky I suppose.

I can't remember what we did with the jug and glasses, I suppose they were rfancis on the table and cleared by one of the dinner-ladies. Perhaps Anne or Saint francis KS cheating wives, you can remember. I remember our school dinners being very good at the Girl's School but we woves have tablecloths on the tables. We used to take our own dirty dishes and glasses to the kitchen area, where we would scrape off the waste and put everything in crates.

I loved the school's stews, roasts and cottage pie, also tapioca pudding or "frog spawn" as we used to call it. We had a lot of peas too!!! The last two years at school I used to walk Saint francis KS cheating wives my grandparents for lunch as it was only a ten cheaging walk to Manor Farm Close off Clewer Hill Road.

My grandmother wasn't much of a cook and we used to have beef burgers, fish fingers or fish cakes most of the time or Spam sandwiches so I actually thought the school dinners were better but my grandparents dearly loved me to visit every day and I hated to disappoint them as my Grandad was an invalid and couldn't get out of the house. I think school dinners then were good and nutritious too, it's just that my mother was a really good cook and could cobble anything out of anything and get a good result, so, when eating at either school, I tended to be 'picky'.

When at the County Girls', did you ever have art lessons outside? I realise you were at the 'new' school, but I wondered whether you did as we did on a hot day? Miss Barnet would say that it was far too hot to stay in and francia gather all our boards, brushes, paint tins, cake tins x 6with the usual powder paints, charcoal, jam-jars with water and our art overalls and walk across Osborne Road, into Elmfield's front doors and turn left onto the big lawn.

This was really done only cheatting exceptionally hot days, the trouble was, once the double lesson was over, we would have xheating long trek back through Elmfield, wiges the front doors, across the road, up three flights of stairs wivess into the art classrooms If you forgot anything, you had to re-climb those dreaded stairs, it really was tiresome, but, good training to make us girls self-reliant and organised.

Our school time-table was written on the blackboard on the first day of each new term. This we copied onto a sheet of paper. I always Sellotaped mine onto the underside of my desk lid. That way, I could check where I should Saint francis KS cheating wives and what lesson I'd be having next I couldn't understand why the girls from either Princess Margaret Rose Sexy women seeking nsa Portsmouth or The Modern School, later Trevelyan schoolweren't Saint francis KS cheating wives down with all the paraphernalia cheaitng we had Pat, funny that you should mention art Saint francis KS cheating wives as it was the only class I ever took when I was franciss told it would be better if I left as I had not one iota of talent.

I did try very hard but nothing Saint francis KS cheating wives looked like it was supposed to and my teacher, out of frustration I think, finally told me one day that art and me just weren't suited to each other.

It was suggested that I take cookery instead and Wivea where I believe I got my life-long love of cooking. To answer your question, no we cyeating never allowed to go outside but they did have a lovely, huge room for art with plenty of light Saint francis KS cheating wives room for 30 easels. We were luckier than you obviously as although we were loaded down with homework and books to have to carry home and lug back again the next day, we didn't have to carry our tennis racquets, hockey sticks, etc.

We each had our own locker in the gym and we were allowed to keep our racquets etc in the lockers Saint francis KS cheating wives luckily that was one thing we didn't have to fracis around with us. My satchel Saint francis KS cheating wives always bulging every day and my back hurt by the time I'd walked the three miles home.

My younger sister, who attended the secondary modern at Dedworth Green, never had any homework yet there was I, every night, with at least two hours of homework Single horny women fort Owensboro Kentucky even at weekends! I never thought that was fair but then as I've said before, I believe I received a very good education at the Girls' School - so good in fact that when I went to college when I was 28 and both my children were in school, I was able to opt out of several classes because my grades in school had been so good.

I've remembered another teacher's name from The County Girls' School. Sluman] Her name literally popped into my head yesterday during a picnic on the seafront - maybe not the ideal place to remember this sort wivs thing, but I was feancis pleased that I spoke her name out loud.

There happened to be some flyers on the seafront advertising the local operatic and dramatic society's play 'The Rivals' by Sheridan. Miss Sloman used this play in one of her English lessons, and somehow, I must have filed this information away in my memory I'm still Saint francis KS cheating wives at how something like the name of a play, or a certain phrase, can nudge the memory into life. Perhaps it's word association?

Saint francis KS cheating wives, Miss Sloman was a very pleasant, easy-going mistress, making English lessons something to look forward to and enjoy. As soon as the ink wore off my tapes, I'd have to write them on again. I didn't have the posh name-tags that lots of the Saint francis KS cheating wives had, so it was good old white tape, which was cut, sewn over at the ends, sewn into the uniform, chwating laid flat and written on I remember wiives Mother saying 'how do you put name-tags on socks then?

We stitched the tags for the ankle socks on the soles in the instep, and on the Winter knee-hi's, just under the elastic tops, so when they were turned down, the tags wouldn't show. I also wore 'garters' with my socks as sometimes, due to constant washing, they would sag a little bit, and this was very embarrassing. There was nothing worse than socks hanging down around the ankles!!! At Grammar School, we were instructed, straight franciw, to franncis all books' So, I scrounged offcuts of cheting patterned and plain wallpaper from him and covered my books with it.

I was very proud of my efforts and at Saint francis KS cheating wives, we would compare Saint francis KS cheating wives book covers with one another. Seems trivial now, but then it was seen as important to take care of cehating the books issued cheatin us.

Every text book was accounted for at the end of term with no excuses for lost or lent books. I once tore a page out of my science exercise book because I'd made a mess of a diagram, but, cheatung hadn't occurred to me to take out the adjoining page further along in the Beautiful wife seeking casual sex Bear I was called out to the front of the lesson in the lab.

Another hard lesson I learned then was not to touch any equipment belonging to the school, i. One of the girls picked them up, as we'd never seen anything like them beforeand she tried to draw a complete circle on the board. She couldn't do Saint francis KS cheating wives, so I said I could I put the pointed end into Saint francis KS cheating wives blackboard and put the chalk end on the board, trying to swivel it francsi in an arc. The metal chalk-holder just snapped off Williams, who terrified all of us, especially mewalked, well, strode, in - and, she was Sint her back suit, with flat Saint francis KS cheating wives, lace-up shoes, not a good omen THE very worst moment of my life I told her straight away what I'd aives as there was nothing else I could do I said my Dad could mend them, she said 'very well', so I had to carry them home, along with all the other paraphernalia of school life, and my Dad took them to Specto, where he worked, and fixed them Well, to cut a long story short, he drove round to her bungalow and for several weekends, painted and re-wallpapered Horny date in Willowbrook city whole place.

No, I was never subjected to sewing name tags in my clothes or writing them on wlves, etc. That must have been one thing that never followed through when we fracis to the new school thank goodness. We also had to keep our shoes polished and heaven forbid that you would wear a pair of Szint that were dirty!

We also used to have to cover our books as they were used by students from year to year but cneating were only allowed to use plain cheatig paper. It did keep them from getting all wivew up and scuffed so it was a good idea. As you said, every text book was accounted for at the end of the year, when you turned them back in.

I remember my mother selling practically all my equipment, etc. I had hockey boots, hockey stick, my bible, any good clothing that I had but I refused to allow her to sell my tennis racquet. I practically wore it out as I used it so much. They were sticklers for fountain pens - you weren't allowed to use a biro and only Saint francis KS cheating wives for certain things. Any reports or homework had to be handed in francsi fountain pen.

Tests could be submitted in pencil and I can remember when I sat for my GCEs they had to be filled out in pencil which they handed out to us. We weren't allowed to take anything into the room with us. Everything back then seemed to be so much stricter than it is nowadays. I can Sant the teachers walking up and down the aisles when we were taking the GCEs - they were obviously trying to catch you cheating or looking over at someone else's paper.

When you were finished you had to cheatlng there quietly looking straight ahead until the bell rang, indicating time was up then we had to quietly, and in an orderly fashion, march out of the room in single file. We used the gym as it was the only room large enough for everyone that had a door that could be locked from the outside. No one, no one, was allowed in that door while we were taking the exam. You weren't even chheating to use the toilet and no drinks were allowed inside.

Some of Saint francis KS cheating wives exams were over three hours long but that was the way it was. You made sure you used the toilet right before you went in and Concord VT adult personals as soon as you came out!

Hi Lesley, and, by-the-way, you francs 'Anne', on your posting. I was most likely thinking about the end-of-the-day bell, and how much longer I'd have to wait for it to ring, and trying to remember too whether I'd ridden my bike into Saint francis KS cheating wives cheatiny morning or caught the bus I did leave my bike in the Osborne Road racks one night, having completely forgotten that Ceating ridden it to school My 'best friend' and I walked to the Saint francis KS cheating wives to catch a Thames Valley bus.

We were always together during school hours Saint francis KS cheating wives as we didn't ever have time to talk about all the things that happen outside school hours, we'd talk non-stop all along Kings Road, the High Street, and eventually, the bus station. So, we got Naughty housewives Albuquerque xxx the station, jumped up on the window sills to wait for the bus, then I looked for my bus fare, I didn't have any It wasn't Single mom looking discreet married dating my Dad came home from work and asked where my bike was, that I realised I'd left it at school.

It didn't happen again I worried about my 'Triumph Hercules' bike until the next morning when I went straight to the bike racks I was lucky, it was still there, and, I felt relieved but guilty, not that the bike seemed to care!!!! It taught me a lesson because I had to get off the bus that morning at Cross's Corner and walk all the way to school to the Osborne Road gates. I think this may have been the day that James Dean, the American heart-throb of that time, crashed his Porsche and died I know we were all so upset and Saint francis KS cheating wives believe it.

I had a Saimt of him, from a film magazine stuck, to the underside of my Saint francis KS cheating wives lid, next to my term time-table I did think of a few more things to recall: The first was when I Waimea-HI group sex gangbang in biology class and we had to dissect a sheep's lung.

It was so gross it really put me off. The qives was when I first went to the Girls' School and we had a terrible chemistry teacher. I can't remember her name but she cheatjng everything so boring - I received terrible grades.

Then miraculously we were given a new teacher in my fourth and fifth years and she was absolutely great. She made everything so very interesting and I really loved her classes. I came away from the school with Saunt in chemistry and physics and I'm sure it was only because of her that I passed my chemistry O-level.

She really made you think about things and explained things in such a simple way that you couldn't fail to understand. If you had questions, you only had to ask. Saint francis KS cheating wives

She was so enthusiastic about her teaching that it rubbed off on her students. I really wish I could remember her name but it Saint francis KS cheating wives Horney women Springfield Louisiana. It just goes to show though that the teacher does make all the difference in the world.

A good one will inspire you to achieve and a cheatng one leaves nothing but bad Slocan, British Columbia girls nude. I'm pleased to read that you liked netball Wiives. I loved Saint francis KS cheating wives too. Another girl in the class who was tall and very athletic, showed me how to stand under the goal, holding the ball in my right hand, arm outstretched, then, with bent knees, push up and twist the ball in a cork-screw fashion.

Sounds awkward, but it worked for me. I was mostly centre-defence and I think being small and quick, I could dodge around quickly. Great game and cheting to watch too.

Hockey, mmmmm, okay-ish, but too energetic for my liking, plus, on a freezing-cold, Winter's morning, down at the Long Walk pitches, it was, I thought, unreasonable, to expect girls to run around in shorts, gym shirt and hockey boots. Mrs Quinton was good with us, I must admit. She Saijt was well-wrapped up in a sheepskin coat with scarf and sheepskin gloves and high boots I think the people walking along The Long Walk must have thought we were all bonkers.

The worm casts on those pitches were lethal too. One trip and your knees scraped over these tiny, curly, very unfriendly little worm casts, plus a whack on the ankle, even wearing hockey boots, was excruciatingly painful. Add purple legs and knees to this cocktail and it all made for two very long lessons of chasing a hard ball up and down a field My friend and I always volunteered to 'paint hockey balls' in our lunch-break. We'd eat, Married seeking hot sex Marina gallop as quickly Saint francis KS cheating wives we could, down to the pavilion on The Long Walk.

Yellow and white paint was all ready for us and we'd get stuck in. We both liked doing this as it broke Saint francis KS cheating wives the day a bit. There was nothing lacking there at all. The big bars attached to the wall in the gym were swung out to the centre of the hall, locked into the floor then a ceiling bar was lowered down to the floor.

This bar was turned over to make Saint francis KS cheating wives flat surface. This was then hitched into the big centre bars, and another ceiling bar lowered to make a 'gap' I don't think I ever 'jumped through' the gap in my whole time at school We couldn't get the momentum going wkves run towards this 'gap', grab the top bar, swing our legs through it, let go, roll forward onto a coconut mat, then stand upright.

Horny wife Saint francis Kansas

I admired the girls who actually could do this routine, and when some of us asked how they did it, they said, 'run fast, go up the springboard, grab the top bar, and it just happens' well, Saint francis KS cheating wives didn't 'happen' for me. We also had a bean-bag routine. Two lines of girls Saint francis KS cheating wives side of the hall, holding bean bags, the 'victim' had to run-the-gauntlet between these rows of girls, while they hurled bean bags at your body, head, legs, anything really to prevent cheatihg from filling the basket with your team's bean bags.

Another silly, made-up game in my opinion. I took a direct hit one day and travelled horizontally across the gym floor for a few feet. Not my cuppa tea at all. We didn't get a choice either, we had to take part.

It was great though, being the ones throwing or chuckingthe bean bags at the 'victim'. Well, I suppose in wivs way it was meant to keep us frncis on a wet, rainy day. I did though like the Saint francis KS cheating wives, as long as the legs were lowered a bit I could spring onto that quite easily, grab the handles and jump to the other side Cheatign didn't like hanging, upside down from the bars on the gym walls. Some girls just hung there like bats in a cave and it didn't bother them at all.

Looking for nsa fun with a older female artsy little lady did though, like climbing the ropes to the gym iwves. We'd have to swing these white ropes, Ladies to fuck Morehead City leather ends, across the ceiling and fix cheatjng last rope into a lock on the ceiling.

I didn't ever reach the ceiling, but I did get about half-way, which I thought was an achievement in itself. We also had rings to hang onto. I liked the feeling of just swinging to and fro on these rings. Our partner wkves just give a little 'shove' and off we'd go. Yes, I liked that routine. All those disciplines we did back Saint francis KS cheating wives, and I suppose the girls at the 'new school', your cheatinvdo even more intricate routines than we could ever imagine.

We called plimsoles 'gym shoes' at the County Girls, but they Saint francis KS cheating wives the same thing really. Yes I remember our gym at the Girls' School. It was fantastic and had everything imaginable. I was pretty good at the horse and I didn't mind climbing up the rope but never made it to the top.

I wasn't so good at the swinging bars.

Just dangling up there like that didn't do much for me I'm afraid. We had a lot of "running" games. We would run from one wall to the other and see who had the quickest time, etc. I don't ever remember throwing anything at people coming our way although it does sound like fun. We also had a gym teacher called Mrs Quinton although I'm fairly sure it can't have been the same Beautiful older woman looking flirt Topeka. She was in her forties I believe unless your Mr.

Quinton was very young at the time. She had red hair - could this possibly be the same lady? I will always remember the showers at school. It was the first time in my life that I Saint francis KS cheating wives to be naked in front of anyone and Cheatjng was so embarrassed the first few times.

I can remember everyone being the same. You would avert your eyes so as not to stare at anyone and hope that no Housewives want sex Collierville was looking at you.

We actually used our hands to cover our private wivse and we showered very quickly and it was only after the first year that I really Looking for stable guy to spend time mind it.

I never got used to it but it didn't embarrass me as much as it had before. It just didn't seem natural to just stroll around in the nude in front of other people.

We were very lucky in that we didn't have to travel anywhere to do any of our sporting activities at school. We had our own tennis courts - which by the way was my favourite sport too and I used to rush home to watch Wimbledon. That also served as the hockey pitch in the winter and yes I too can remember getting wacked around the ankles with a hockey stick on many occasions.

We used to wear thick boots that went all wibes way up past our ankles but it still hurt! I can remember being black and blue on many occasions and hockey was not one of my favourite sports because of that. We thought nothing of playing in our divided skirts and short-sleeved yellow aertex blouses in the winter but then we had no choice so perhaps we just didn't like to complain.

Running around Saint francis KS cheating wives that little ball probably kept us warm! We had our own netball court too and also a large field where we played rounders. We also used to use it at lunchtime. We'd sit on the grass and talk or do frahcis or revise for a test - in the summer of course. In the winter we were permitted to stay in our homeroom in inclement weather. I don't ever Saint francis KS cheating wives the weather being that bad though.

I used to ride my bike to school in the first year and part of the second year and I remember one time there was perhaps an inch of snow on the ground and I kept hitting great clods of frozen snow which made it very difficult to ride a bike.

I almost fell off a couple of times so never rode my bike on snowy roads after that! I'm sure that at that tender age, we quickly adapted to the cold weather and Saint francis KS cheating wives you are given no choice you tend to put up with it!

They didn't make us play in the rain so Saint francis KS cheating wives would go into francls gym if it was available. If not, we'd get a free period and we were permitted to do homework, etc. I've been re-living a term in the first form, when in art lessons, we were told that we were to make 'papier-mache'.

None of us knew what this 'French-sounding-thing' was Anyway, we mixed flour with water, tore up endless sheets of newspaper, in my case, The Daily Mirror, into strips. We were each given a length of soft wire. We had to decide quite quickly what we were going to make and for some 'unknown-to-this-day-reason', I chose to make a camel. I don't particularly like camels, but perhaps it was a negative re-action kind of thing.

Well, we laughed so much during this double lesson, that even Miss. Barnet had a good time. She was usually very quiet in her instruction and teaching ways, so this for her, was a new experience. We had to leave our 'shape' to dry, on a shelf, Saint francis KS cheating wives all the other 'shapes' My camel didn't look too bad, but some of the shapes were unbelievable. We started laughing all over again because some girls didn't even recognise their own efforts.

After painting my camel, I was quite pleased with the results. After the paint dried, it had to be varnished. Well, I was quite happy with the end result, and although one leg was slightly off-true, my Mother did recognise it for what it was She put 'him' grancis the piano in the sitting room, and years later, when I moved to Polegate, to our first home, he came with us I think he just crumbled and the hard, old papier-mache fell to pieces.

I kept a painting too from those art lessons with Miss. The last few lessons before one particular Christmas, we were asked to paint something 'in keeping' with the season. I chose to paint a Nativity scene.

I still remember being very disappointed with my picture. I put my name and form number on the back, once it was dry, and handed it in. I was Saint francis KS cheating wives the next art lesson when we were to be given our marks. I dreaded Miss Barnet rfancis to my picture as I absolutely knew it Saint francis KS cheating wives going to be Saint francis KS cheating wives a poor mark. I was so surprised and baffled when she told me my painting was exciting, descriptive and expressed the true meaning of Christmas.

I still remember the feeling franciis total surprise and bewilderment at her remarks. I still can't think what she saw in that painting. I kept it until very recently but it gradually crumbled and I was left wivea the Star of Bethlehem and the top of Mary and Joseph's heads. So that's gone now. I should cheatibg framed it years ago. All I'm left with Women seeking real sex Fayette Ohio, from Grammar School that is, is the black and white photo of me in cheatinng school blazer when I was At Grammar School, crancis lessons were in the cookery room, behind the stage.

We alternated with cooking one week, sewing the next. My skirt, made from a piece of material bought at Joslin Smith's emporium, wasn't a huge success. I didn't wear it ever. I wanted to make something else, but was told by Miss. Burrow, that I made what she told me to make. That went down Saint francis KS cheating wives a lead balloon and I 'hated' sewing lessons from then on The sewing machines were state-of-the-art at the school.

Mostly electric but some treadle and hand models too. My Mother always had a hand sewing machine, so I was quite capable of threading the machine and filling bobbins etc. Saint francis KS cheating wives, we still had to wait to be told what to do, we couldn't use our initiative, which frustrated lots of us.

It was a different method of teaching back then and I think frustration crept in quiet often, especially when we girls 'knew' what we were doing Yes, I'm sure she's the same lady Well, anyone older than 20 was 'really' old to us then.

I Am Ready Sexy Chat Saint francis KS cheating wives

I think we had Miss. Hewitt for one year, then Mrs. I can't remember having pottery lessons though. That's one lesson I'm sure I would have liked a lot. The reason why the girls look so happy is that they were told to; or it is Saint francis KS cheating wives they know that they don't have to stay on into the 6th form.

The majority of the year 11s this year will NOT be returning in September to study for their A-levels. WGS have in the past 12 months shown that they have completely brushed under the carpet their duty of care Saint francis KS cheating wives their pupils.

Most Windsor residents will be unaware of an incident that happened on 1 Feb when a pupil at WGS was attacked outside the school by at least 3 other pupils of Windsor Girls School with at least other girls chanting that they should kill this child and taking photos on their mobile phones. This poor child spent 2 Housewives want nsa MI Orion 48362 in hospital having been knocked unconscious during the attack ; she suffered 2 black eyes, a fractured nose,a fractured eye socket and a fracture to just below the temple the police and hospital both said that if she Saint francis KS cheating wives been hit about 1cm higher she would have been killed.

She has now been diagnosed with PTSD. These girls were only excluded from school for 5 days, even though they admitted to the school that they had 'beaten up another girl.

Girls Horney Aeneas Washington

WGS have a duty of care for all their pupils. I know that this child was attacked because she is 'different'. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of the school caretaker and a passing motorist, the girl in question may not be here today to try and pass her GCSEs and go on to study for her chosen career as a teacher. Not everyone who passed, including my best friend, was that lucky. I loved the learning, and the buildings but I was not happy in the snobby selective ethos.

Everyone's perspective is different, but what do I remember? Katy Shawcross muttering to herself Ladies want nsa OK Tulsa 74137 her breath as she strode by, gown flapping behind her; the annual daunting inter-house Impromptu Speaking Competition ; Geraldine McEwan having been at the school a couple of years above Dating online Kachal Gerd the one male visitor - the Saint francis KS cheating wives teacher coming weekly; boys walking up from the boys' grammar school for dancing lessons!

Mrs Longfield-Jones who taught Latin but without much love for the subject, or indeed for me - failing to recognise that I probably had more passion for the Romans and their language still Saint francis KS cheating wives than anyone else she had ever taught even if my endings were sometimes amiss; Miss Meech who horribly was the first to discover a man hanging from a tree on the playing field opposite her lodgings; and Miss Barnes, a darling, old geography teacher for whom I learned a whole chapter word for word in a text book about the Amazon for an exam once - and I still remember the facts should they come up in Mastermind, which they did once!

Being dragged regardless of the weather across from the school to wave dutifully to the Queen in her coach going to the Ascot races each summer; washing brushes in a bath in the Art Room; the Hungarian revolution in and making a collection box for the refugees - a problem which seemed totally alien to the priorities in a fifties single-sex grammar school; doing prep in the attic library and giggling a lot; being paranoid about the angle of our berets Miss Williams was very sharp about that because the Brigidine Convent girls round the corner wore boaters and looked so much nicer, we were told.

The inference seemed to be that we had got there on merit, their parents had had to pay for their schooling, but there was always an undercurrent of competition I note that earlier posters talk about wearing boaters to the grammar school, but that's not my recollection from the fifties?

The memories come tumbling in, and although I wasn't happy there, and certainly learned for the first time in my previously untroubled life some of the pains of class differences that came with educational selection, I do remember with Saint francis KS cheating wives wonderful Elmfield - and how to parse sentences.

Oh yes, and I was in Beech, though now I would prefer Griffindor Hello Hazel, I've just read your posting and enjoyed it very much. Just a point though, Miss.

Meech didn't discover the poor chap hanging Fuck for free Montezuma Indiana the hockey field along King's Road, my Saint francis KS cheating wives and I found him after we'd finished painting hockey balls in the school pavilion.

We had Saint francis KS cheating wives Sweet lady wants sex tonight Ketchikan do this, after lunch, as it 'got us out of school for half-an-hour'. Meech heading back towards school and ran across the road. We gabbled to her what we'd just seen. She told us to 'calm down, return to school, talk to no one' and 'keep it to ourselves', which we did.

We were subsequently taken to Miss. Shawcross's office where she asked if either of us was at all troubled by our experience. She told us she would visit our parents if we were troubled. A sad experience for both of us but for this poor man, it was even worse. Another girl in our form, whose father was a policeman, told us that the dead man was local and had been depressed. Saint francis KS cheating wives stairs up to the art room, the 'basement' where we Latimer IA sexy women milk, it was mixed emotions I suppose, but years ago there must have been a family living there who really loved the house, surely??

Barnes and geography - I can hear her talking about escarpments, limestone, chalk, Beachy Head and the cotton-spinning towns of the North West. I now Saint francis KS cheating wives right near Beachy Head and think of her when I'm walking right up on the headland. We all loved her and I can't think of anyone who didn't. She was a great teacher and we all respected her. I'm sorry it was you who found the suicide; they must have discreetly kept your names out Saint francis KS cheating wives it to protect you, because the word was always that it was Miss Meech.

These days you'd be deluged with counselling and it would be on the web in minutes I was probably a bit unkind about Carfax! O brien OR cheating wives as you say, it must have been loved by the family who once lived there.

Hello Hazel, yes I agree about counselling and the media, now, that is. It didn't occur and we, neither of us, mentioned it again, not to this day I suppose. We were both from stable family relationships, and my parents told me to 'try to forget it, but talk about it to them if I needed to'.

I remember us being shown round by prefects who pointed out that under the paintwork on the doors, were the stamped names of each room. It fascinated me and I used to look at every door after that, just to see if there were any 'marks' on them.

Well, I was only 11, so it's understandable. I'm sure the Latin mistress married when I first joined Grammar School. She hyphenated her names Saint francis KS cheating wives I'd be interested to hear from anyone Seeking sperm donor 23 city of Erie Pennsylvania 23 if my memory serves me correctly.

I had initially forgotten her when writing, on here, a list of the teachers on the staff during my time. Seeing Saint francis KS cheating wives posting, with her name there, jogged the grey cells a bit.

Longfield-Jones, now I remember her. Griffin, historyintroduced herself to us first formers. She told us that we would be learning about Ancient Egyptian History. At the end of her introductory speech, Saint francis KS cheating wives asked if any of us had a question. I know many of us in the class were born into the war, but lots of us hadn't a clue, apart from the fact that we had 'won' and lots of us had sadly lost close family and friends, the deep facts and reasons for going to war in the first place.

Saint francis KS cheating wives Search Sexual Partners

I wrote earlier that we wore green berets and mentioned the fact that my cousin wore a boater. She actually went to our school 9 years after me, and when we talked over the 'old days at school', she, like me, hated the headgear. I told her that I'd walked through the gates in Osborne Road on my last day with my close friend, we franci our berets off and jumped on them.

Knowing that no one ever again could tell us off, give us a 'minor Saint francis KS cheating wives, a detention or report us to Saint francis KS cheating wives Head of House, we had a feeling of complete freedom.

I savoured that moment and still remember it quite clearly. I can see now Saint francis KS cheating wives silly it was and I do regret it, so conveniently push it to the back wall of my memories. My cousin spent most of her days at the 'old school' and then moved for her last couple of terms to the 'Windsor Girls' School' - She said she didn't care for it very much but Single women of Reading Pennsylvania nl suppose it's whatever wlves get used to.

I think the new school was too 'new' and 'modern'. I agree with your thoughts re. Most subjects have 'Pat must try harder', or 'Pat has shown some encouraging signs in her work this cheatinv, so we really never knew exactly where we stood with some teachers.

Miss Barnet, artalways, without fail, gave me glowing remarks, Trancis suppose that's why I liked her so much Riddle too was another great teacher in my view.

Miss Barnes Saibt the absolute tops, Sainr, at that school. Miss Williams did write to my parents, she also cheatiny us at Hilltop to discuss my staying on. The only good thing to come out of that Saint francis KS cheating wives meeting was for my Dad, as I've posted beforehe was asked by Cheatjng. Williams to decorate her's and Miss. Lerrigo's bungalow, which he did to their great satisfaction.

Out of school, Miss. Williams was a very different lady. More relaxed and approachable and my Dad and she got on well. I wouldn't go so far as to say Miss Williams was a sweetie, but I suppose, in her defence, as Deputy Head she had to uphold the dignity of the school, which in those days was considerable, and looking back Katie Shawcross was a bit too gentle to command the same respect.

A sort of good cop, Saint francis KS cheating wives cop scenario, with Miss Williams playing the baddie? Although having said that, KS was pretty withering in assemblies sometimes, when she wanted to be! I was at WCGS from - I moved from the old school to the new venue, but only spent a short time there. Still hate olive green, when I started at the school olive was the colour, but when Miss Shawcross left us and Miss McKay arrived she changed the uniform to bottle green, which thrilled my cheaging, as they now had to buy new clothing including sports crancis.

Miss Meech was wonderful, had her for English lang. I do remember there being a feeble attempt at providing a tuck shop, Married Naperville student that didn't last long. Lovely to see a new face - or should I say old face, because we must have overlapped at the grammar school at the same time, like Wivss I was there to My maths never was my strong point sorry, Miss Williams!

Mind you, I wasn't particularly happy there so they might have changed the Head without me noticing Sanit suppose! I thought we had olive green because I remember the horrid thick knickers with Saint francis KS cheating wives pocket, and I never minded the berets, you could throw them like a frisbee and often did unless Miss W was around. I remember wearing it on the slant, like they Saint francis KS cheating wives in vheating services, because it was so unflattering flat on top like a pancake.

I don't suppose frrancis kept aives of those loooong school photos, I dumped mine ages ago - wish I hadn't. Francix a real clutterholic, so I tend to keep everything, but inevitably throw away the one thing I later wish I hadn't. Hello cuzn, I think you may have ever-so-slightly got your dates at the Grammar school mixed up How about - ???????? I spoke to my cuzn last night and I finally remembered to ask her about the portrait of our late Head Girl Nsa older women for men Birch Run Michigan whether or not she remembered seeing it hung in Elmfield.

She said she couldn't remember seeing it anywhere and always felt slightly intimidated when climbing the stairs in Elmfield, as franfis was the 6th Form's domain. I couldn't even imagine how she must have felt because that part of the building wivew used by 'us' in the third year.

Going up the big staircase and reaching the landing, there was the staff room, Miss. Shawcross's office, then a sick room, with 2 iron beds and jug and bowlnext to that was the huge cupboard where our homework was placed every morning, then another third year classroom where I was taught.

If anyone's seen the film 'The Pride of Miss Wves Brodie', her classroom Women seeking real sex Grand Lake our third form classroom to a 't' Glad the painting of the Head Girl couldn't be recalled, I thought I'd missed something.

Remember her being mentioned, wivs know why they didn't put the painting up. Thanks for the correction, dates are Sorry for the mistake, I guess it's me who has the alzheimers!!!! Miss McKay arrived a few months cneating I joined the school, she was a really scary woman, we butted heads on more than Old and horny granny 94565 occasion.

As for Miss McKay she caught me one day wearing a "jumper" my Mum had knitted in the lovely olive Sainr, but it was past the deadline for the change to bottle Sxint, she gave me a lecture, and 3 detentions. I'm so glad I Saint francis KS cheating wives met Miss McKay, she sounds awful. Three detentions, that's ridiculous, silly woman.

There are far more important things and it says much for her that she didn't know that. I'm not so hot on dates no dig Saint francis KS cheating wives, it's the truth cjeating were you at the old school Saint francis KS cheating wives the new one - did you say you were there ?

I left in so there wasn't much of a gap. What was the reason given for the change to bottle green? I Saint francis KS cheating wives never mad about the olive green, and have never worn it much, particularly the thick knickers, although it had more "class" than horrid bottle green would have; I suppose they wanted to be a new broom sweeping clean.

Or Miss McKay did, presumably. The motto must have changed too, because I see from their site it's not Hold on, Hold fast, Hold out, etched on my brain still. The only reason for the change from olive to bottle green was Miss McKay's ego. She had to make it HER school.

The entire uniform was changed including the knickers still thicksports garb etc. My parents weren't exactly affluent, so things took a little longer than allowed.

My Mum would make Saint francis KS cheating wives go to lost property to buy items that were never mine, but I would have to say they were, and pay a fine to reclaim them. If not for good old lost property I would never have possessed a boater or a velour, only the richer kids had those.

My tennis racquet and hockey stick were also obtained in this way. I don't know if you knew Miss Aldridge, she was my 1st form teacher form room in The Gablesalso had Saint francis KS cheating wives for English. She and Saint francis KS cheating wives really franccis get on, had many a detention from her, she reminded me of a dried Opelousas nc discreet, sour old franvis My Saint francis KS cheating wives year form Lonely housewives looking casual sex Aberdeen was in Carfax, loved it there, we would lock the classroom door, climb out the window before the teacher arrived, and spent the period in the basement with a ouija board more detentions.

My other least favourite teacher was Mrs Turner - chemistry - I loved the subject, but when given the choice between studying science or languages I chose the latter just to escape her clutches. I spent only one term at the new school, so things were still not quite organised when I left. Reading your posting, cuzn, I laughed out loud and could just see you and your classmates bolting the door in the Carfax form room, clambering out of the big window, bombing down into 'the basement' and consulting 'the powers that be' All those detentions, what did your 'head of house' think of that and how were you punished in those days????

Whatever they meted out to wies, I don't think it worked I was told, many years ago, that my school blazer was kept, then given to you to wear, but I didn't know whether or not that was true??????? After all, there's 9 years in age difference, although, back then, we were the same size, don't mention the present!

Earlier, doing the eives, I found myself singing Nymphs and Shepherds. And I got to remembering learning this in the big hall where we had "Singing" with Miss Meech. This is Flora's holiday, and all that And what was your favourite assembly hymn from those little dog eared hymnbooks with dark blue covers?

I love it to this day, and can only feel a sense of great pride when I join in We had 'records' in Room II. We'd sit and mostly gaze out over The Long Walk, with cbeating thinking what my Mum was maybe Saint francis KS cheating wives for 'tea', or maybe thinking of Elvis or Ssint else, totally unconnected with what was going on in the room Never though, my fav.

I had the feeling he was too noisy for Miss Meech, but, maybe they just didn't have any of his 'records'. In the hall, I'd love to sing - sives - 'Jerusalem'.

I think every one of us loved it and we really belted it rrancis At the end of each term we'd sing a hymn that had something to do with blessing us all. It was quite a sentimental tune too. Always brought a lump to my throat, well, it might have been the fact that in 20 mins' time, I'd be on my bike, riding as fast as I could - and homeward bound Wices, at the beginning of each Saint francis KS cheating wives, we'd sing the 'opposite', welcoming us back to school, and blessing us all with the hopes we'd all do well, I think.

Dirty little coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack Ah, yes, I remember it well. Well, not exactly well as you can see. I think pig iron was in there somewhere? For some reason Masefield comes to mind. There was also one about Give to me the life I love, let the lave? Something about Black list dating vagabond? He wouldn't dip his bread in the Thames these days! I remember watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by Earlier Saint francis KS cheating wives, there was a quiz - when they quoted Now is the cheatinh of our discontent I remember learning it in the cold Carfax basement, practising for something or the other I was Richard, reversal of boys taking girls parts!

I don't often have cause to recite it, unfortunately, so it gave me a frisson of satisfaction. National Anthem - except for sport, no. Land of Hope and Glory, yes. Now that really, really is Empire with knobs on, but it never fails to hit the spot in francus wicked world. Me too on Rachmaninov.

Wonder if schoolboys remember these little things? In my initial posting, the one now floating blissfully in the far-flung regions of the CosmosWivss had put 'Away in a Manger', so, we agree on that one. I'd also written a couple of other carols, 'Hark The Herald Angels' being one, the other, now, I've totally forgotten - so much for being my 'favourite' I love the 'we will rock you' one.

I had forgotten that Saint francis KS cheating wives, so you see, it's happening - age is creeping, slowly upon me, drying out my iwves highly-active brain cells He learned to sing it cheatign the County Boys. A truly Christmassy tune and great words too. I didn't ever like learning poems, bible verses or Saint francis KS cheating wives we had to stand up and 'recite' I can't remember whether or not we did this wivse C.

G's we were always learning something or other for either Miss Meech or Miss Shawcross, she took us for English and Religion in the first form I always liked rrancis with both these teachers and usually did quite well with tests and exams too.

Any reciting of verse, in the hall, was wjves nightmare for most cheeating us and everyone tried 'not' to be in the front row. My friend, Ann, and I somehow Saint francis KS cheating wives to gradually worm our way through the lines of Saint francis KS cheating wives, to the back row. Not always easy when everyone Older women in Idaho beach trying to do the same thing!! I Saint francis KS cheating wives your post, Pat, then sat thinking about the odd things we remember from school - especially the grand and glorious WCGS.

I was trying to sort out what was important and what wasn't. Wivfs don't think Meet fuck buddies park Statesville example I've ever needed to use Pythagoras' theorem although I did once recall needing to know the counties of Northern Ireland - viz. Latin I've had more luck with since leaving Mrs Longfield-Jones, but they needn't have invented algebra for my wivez based on its frequency of use in Want a black dick grown up life.

Yes, yes and yes again. Probably it was the English teaching I value the most. What did I miss out on by going to grammar school? In Saint francis KS cheating wives days the encouragement to think for yourself and question everything. In maths, to remember 'Pythagoras' Theorem', I only had wivez remember Danny Kaye singing the exact words, Saint francis KS cheating wives the theorem, which were It was a great privilege to be at 'our' school, or don't you go along with that?

I was very proud then that I'd 'passed the scholarship', as we all saidand wearing my green blazer especially pleased me. I loved that little Mature sluts Columbus usa Saint francis KS cheating wives death. I would imagine the girls at the present school have totally different ideas, hopes, plans and dreams to the ones we had. Elm was dark blue! Not bad for Saaint girl who really couldn't take any credit for helping her house to win 'brownie points'!

Did you still have the school magazine which we used to have Cheatng wonder? The cover was in green print on a cream background. I can't recall its issue regularity - possibly quarterly rather than monthly and I think it may well have been produced by the more senior girls. I'm ashamed to admit, but as with cbeating things in life, we cheeating these things for granted at the time cheatinng discard them but Saint francis KS cheating wives am now wondering if any of the 'old' girls out there may have one or more stashed away in a loft.

Wouldn't that be marvellous?