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Sexitastic looking to have fun 30 Burlington Vermont 30 ordinances required "no spitting" signs on public streetcars and, later, buses. Indelegates at the state convention pledged their support for the Suffrage Amendment on the ballot for I like to fuck Levels West Virginia general election in November. In that election, voters overwhelmingly rejected I like to fuck Levels West Virginia.

Although the legislature rejected statewide prohibition, it allowed local option to ban liquor. Bythirty- seven of the state's fifty-five counties were "dry," or prohibited the sale of liquor.

Even though they could not vote, WVWCTU women were active poll workers on November 5, when, by a majority of 92, votes, West Virginia men ratified the Prohibition Amendment to the state constitution; this took effect July I, The women raised money to support French families and orphans, made wash mitts for the Red Cross, and Virgiinia comfort bags to the men on the USS West Virginia.

The national WCTU also promoted the war effort and worked to "Americanize" immigrants in large cities during the war. Mottos such as "Bar the barley from fuc bar and bake it into bread" exemplified the national WCTU efforts during the war.

A comparatively high foreign-born population of 10 percent in Monongalia County apparently stirred Morgantown's WCTU members to promote assimilation.

While the foreign-born population was almost as high in Marshall, Marion, and Ohio counties, the only reference to Americanization work was in Morgantown, possibly because Morgantown's chapter had its own Community Building that served as the Americanization Center.

Bythere were seventy-eight unions in the state and likr, members. But, even before federal prohibition ended, membership began to decline. With the onset of the Depression, members could no longer afford the dues. Once the decline started, it became an avalanche. While the WCTU I like to fuck Levels West Virginia no restrictions on membership, other than interest in the cause, other women's groups were not as open. While co-education was becoming increasingly common, and even graduate and professional schools were opening to women, there was no national I like to fuck Levels West Virginia for these I like to fuck Levels West Virginia.

In addition, while the doors were open, there was no strong support network for women students once admitted, and the students were forced to rely on peer support. Graduation was a traumatic experience for many because, aside from teaching, the American economy did not have many openings for college-educated women. Talbot announced that the organizational goals were to assist the intellectual growth of members, help raise the standards of female education and, equally important, to preserve the sense of camaraderie that existed among the women during their college years.

To join, prospective members had to have graduated from an institution specially approved by the ACA. The ACA's approval system depended on an institution's quality of instruction, treatment of women students, and role of women on the faculty. Members hoped that the carrot of accreditation would encourage schools to improve women's education, Levfls there is little evidence that this happened.

Not until were graduates of all accredited colleges and universities admitted as members of the AAUW. The first group of collegiate alumnae in West Virginia organized in Huntington on October 12,with Lucy Prichard as first president. Duringthe group became an official branch of the ACA.

Programs in the early years reflected the common concerns of women's reform clubs: Duringthe group wrote to West Virginia University President Frank Trotter "concerning its ineligibility to the list of accredited colleges prepared by the American Association of Universities," thereby making its women graduates ineligible for membership in the ACA. Duringrecognizing that soldiers needed wholesome recreation and companionship, the branch paid for subscriptions to Literary Digest to two camps.

They also identified Huntington men in military Wanna blow my free sex clubs around the country and sent the names of these Levdls to the I like to fuck Levels West Virginia ACA headquarters; in turn, the lije at headquarters distributed the Vorginia to ACA branches close to the camps "'so as I like to fuck Levels West Virginia introduce these men to a bit of social life among college women'.

During the year, the Huntington branch urged the local board of education to employ "'special teachers for sub-normal children and the establishment of Meet adult singles in Tariff West Virginia open air school for anaemic [sic] children and Lady want sex tonight UT North salt lake 84054 having a tendency toward tuberculosis'.

True to its purpose of promoting college education opportunities, members were pleased to receive President Trotter's letter in Octoberindicating that West Virginia University had met the requirements for admission to the AAUW. This was the first West Virginia school to be so designated and provided a critical mass of eligible AAUW members to Ladies looking sex tonight Versailles Missouri 65084 additional branches.

Morgantown, Fairmont, and Parkersburg branches, all organized injoined Huntington as the charter members of the division. During the s, branch members organized study groups on international relations, the pre- school child, Virgini peace, the public school curriculum, drama, and the elementary school child. There seems to have been little in I like to fuck Levels West Virginia way of a Sex milf chain AAUW agenda for local branches to follow, but West Virginia members "loyally supported" the national Headquarters Fund and Fellowship Fund.

At the branch level, they raised money for local scholarship funds, contributed books to local libraries, and worked to get additional colleges and normal schools added to the list of approved AAUW institutions.

The division also sent delegates to the Conference on the Causes and Cure of War. The division felt its most important accomplishment, however, was its successful effort to have the state of West Virginia build Elizabeth Moore Hall as the women's building on the West Virginia University campus. By May"over college-bred Virginai belonged to the West Virginia Division, constituting, they believed, "a force of incalculable potency.

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Still, the division historian took pride in the fact that the branches' accomplishments showed "clearly that noblesse oblige and that the aristocracy of intellect has justified its existence by deeds of altruism and of service. By virtue of being college-educated women, I like to fuck Levels West Virginia members were at least middle-class in status. A membership list for the Morgantown branch about included women. Virgiinia these, one-fourth had careers in education or were married to those who did: Members' husbands were I need a couple new cute female friends faculty at West Virginia University, teachers, attorneys, clergy, and businessmen.

Inseven years after the ACA was established, members of duck first modern woman's club, Sorosis, decided to celebrate their twenty-first birthday by calling a convention of women's clubs from throughout the country, providing the foundation for the General Federation of Woman's Clubs GFWCestablished in New York I like to fuck Levels West Virginia in Throughout its existence, the GFWC's member clubs have pursued a wide range of activities, and West Virginia's clubs have followed suit.

The GFWC's Industrial Committee, created inworked "to improve the condition of both women and children in Virgonia and later campaigned against child labor. The committee's Leevels to the press and to the U. Labor Commissioner documented that the child labor laws were not being enforced. Inthe GFWC's Household Economics section recommended '"the study of household economics in as thorough and systematic a Vorginia as was already devoted to the study of history, art or literature'.

I like to fuck Levels West Virginia

Inthe federation established an American Home Department as a "new declaration of faith in the home's importance as an industry and as a social institution. Programs featured papers on the fine arts and a few papers that leaned toward domestic science; for example, one presentation on the necessity of art education stressed using this knowledge to select clothing, arrange furniture, and choose pictures for the home to enrich the "spiritual insight of children.

Certainly, they reinforced traditional ideas that women's interests centered on the home and family. Women's clubs also actively worked to establish free public libraries. InWest Virginia clubwomen maintained two traveling libraries "'to be sent to remote mining or country districts'. When it became difficult to keep track of the traveling libraries, the WVFWC, apparently with I like to fuck Levels West Virginia relief, turned them over to the West Virginia University Library in The Looking to suck in Hervey Bay park libraries were undoubtedly used to encourage public opinion to support a permanent library, and West Virginia federation members continued to work for local public libraries.

Establishing a reading room and library, for instance, was one of the first concerns of the Woman's Civic Club of Clarksburg when it organized inbut it was not until that a permanent location was secured.

They chaired committees on "War Savings, Home Service, Liberty Loan, Conservation, [and] Council of Defense," gave club programs on the nations at war and the war's progress, sent "care packages" to soldiers and knitted for them, and learned to conserve food by gardening and canning.

It may be debatable whether the Daughters of the American Revolution can be considered as a reform club. However, when one examines their agenda, it is clear that the members, albeit carefully selected by virtue of their ancestors, had their own vision of a better community that they worked hard to achieve.

Unfortunately, this agenda is not well known today. However no organizational work was attempted by the first two regents, who served from to The first West Virginia chapter was organized inand the first report to the national Continental Congress was made in The first state conference was I like to fuck Levels West Virginia in November It was not until the fourth state conference, inthat the West Virginia DAR WVDAR established by-laws to govern the state conference, decided on a state pin, and established a nominating committee.

The Colonel Charles Lewis Chapter worked with Governor William Dawson, the federal government, and "many of the leading historians of the day" to erect a I like to fuck Levels West Virginia to commemorate the Battle of Point Pleasant as the "first battle of the Revolution.

Similar efforts to I like to fuck Levels West Virginia graves, battle sites, fort sites, and homes of soldiers were on the agenda for most chapters. During the war, West Virginia Daughters, like other club members, "with the same zeal which characterized their loyalty to the aims and purposes of the National Society," engaged in Red Cross work, bought Liberty Bonds, adopted and cared for war orphans, and otherwise answered "all calls of the government" with "loyal and generous support.

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Still, DAR members were not pacifists. Inthe WVDAR resolved to "reiterate their unqualified support of the National Defense Act and Military Training in the Schools [ROTC], colleges and camps, also deploring the present agitation against it and the misleading presentation of the case by the agitators.

We do know that the WVDAR felt it could best meet its goal of promoting "institutions for I like to fuck Levels West Virginia general diffusion of knowledge" by helping immigrants "become enlightened, educated, patriotic American citizens.

Examples of the "Americanization" work by the WVDAR include the Elizabeth Ludington Hagans chapter in Morgantown which sponsored citizenship and night school classes, held naturalization courts, and distributed immigrant's manuals, copies of the American Creed, magazines and books.

The Webster County Pioneers reported, inthat the few Italian families were thrifty and prosperous naturalized citizens who had achieved the American dream, that is, property ownership; DAR members "established pleasant relations with them, visiting them and helping them understand American life and customs. Visiting the families where there is sickness or after accidents, working with the Church missionary in I like to fuck Levels West Virginia school and night schools"; there, the chapter chair was a "true Sister of Mercy to the needy foreigners.

During the s, the DAR worried about the influence of these foreigners on American society. Reflecting the national interest in limiting immigration and the lingering effects of the Red Scare, the DAR encouraged membership retention in because "the more members we have the greater our power and influence to defend our country against the insidious attacks of the propagandist. On the national scene, the DAR lashed out at former suffrage leader Carrie Chapman Catt and others working with her to Flossmoor IL milf personals peace.

Not all DAR work was directed toward the international scene. Conservation, for example, was also an important issue. I like to fuck Levels West Virginia

Inthe WVDAR planned a Memorial Highway through the state and urged all chapters to cooperate as a "testimonial to the patriotism I like to fuck Levels West Virginia the mountaineer" and a tribute to the state's war dead, in partnership with a national reforestation effort supported by the NSDAR.

Finally, although most chapters remained close Sexy guy 4 Eastbourne girl the national agenda when planning local activities through the years, a few chapters took on local projects. These included supporting a public library, sanitarium, historical society or providing student loan programs. The John Chapman Chapter in Bluefield had seventy-seven members, including associate members, listed in its yearbook.

All were identified by their Revolutionary War ancestors. Polk's Bluefield West Virginia Directory, provides information on the occupations of fifty-two members and their husbands who were listed in the directory.

Five women were identified with an occupation of their own, and only one of those could be identified as a working wife city librarian Gertrude Oliver Dow ; two of the three who were single were teachers, I like to fuck Levels West Virginia the third was a principal. The last member of this group was a bookkeeper.

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While wives worked together through I like to fuck Levels West Virginia DAR, husbands met in the board rooms of the city's businesses. All of the organizations' membership discussed above were overwhelmingly fufk at the national and state levels. Indeed, the WCTU was the only one of fuckk groups that welcomed black women as members; there was, for example, a union for "colored people" organized in Elkins in Indeed, they may have been more important because black women had to deal with the issues of racial prejudice in addition to the Woman seeking sex tonight Ford Virginia reform causes of the clubs discussed above.

Historian Gerda Lerner notes that "the work of black club women contributed to the survival of the black community. At least one NACW member club Weat active in West Virginia beforebut, unfortunately, information about clubs for West Virginia's black women is I like to fuck Levels West Virginia easily located. Washington and Pittsburgh Courier editor P. Prattis addressed the club. Although specifically for college graduates, the club's aims were not unlike those of similar organizations: In addition to the women's clubs that directed Wesst attention to social, political, or even international, issues, there was I like to fuck Levels West Virginia large group of clubs that focused almost all of their attention toward the individual needs of their members.

While all clubwomen benefitted, to some degree, from the network of friendships provided by membership, the Levsls of fraternal or sororal and benevolent groups for men and women promoted these friendships even more because the purposes of these national organizations were primarily mutual aid and fellowship. The occasional foray into political and social issues was rare and not usually long-lived. In what could be seen as a frivolous preoccupation with ritual, members spent much time Wesy on paraphernalia.

The groups also provided order; a sense of identity and sisterhood, shared secrets and mutual goals, and experience in organizing and leading others. Chapters of I like to fuck Levels West Virginia or sororal and benevolent groups could be found in towns throughout the country, and their lodge halls often can be identified by looking for initials such as Levesl.

Until recently, historians have paid scant attention to fraternal and sororal organizations. Mary Fudk Clawson's Constructing Brotherhood: Llike, Gender, and Fraternalism is, therefore, a welcome addition to the literature.

Clawson points out that, in the mid-nineteenth century, Masonic groups established honorary degrees for women in an attempt to "defuse feminine opposition to secret fraternalism and to accommodate secret fraternalism to the claims of domesticity. At the end of the century, "fraternal orders were forced to accommodate to demands by women for active participation" as women began to participate in more organized public activities.

This was one of Virgiinia first two fraternal rituals for American women, the other being the Eastern Star. The IOOF issued identification cards to wives and widows of members as early asin an apparent attempt to help High hill MO bi horney housewifes I like to fuck Levels West Virginia they belonged to the organization.

This, however, was not enough. However, it was not until Vjrginia the IOOF officially recognized the Rebekah lodges as separate women's organizations. Over the next twenty years, the Daughters gained more authority, including the rights Vkrginia select their own members, hold meetings without men present, head their Virtinia lodges, and Housewives looking casual sex OR Alsea 97324 over meetings.

Single housewives want casual porno Rockville points out that, when these changes were made, it was still not common for women to speak out in public or preside over meetings, especially in mixed-sex organizations. Colfax, Daughters, and Odd Fellows envisioned an order for women that would encourage their domestic, traditional interests.

Colfax originally suggested that the women help visit sick Odd Fellows, using their natural nurturing talents as nurses. The symbols of the organization, the beehive, moon and seven stars, and Virgniia dove, represent the feminine virtues of industriousness at home, order and Want to eat my first creampie w laws of nature, and innocence, gentleness, and oike, respectively. Perhaps because it is the oldest group, the Daughters, along with the Order of Eastern Star, were much more strongly Lsvels to the organizational structure and Weat of the Odd Fellows than groups organized later.

Members observed elaborate rituals, with passwords, flag drills, and schools of instruction that led to "certificates of perfection Virglnia the unwritten work" for those who mastered the rituals.

Levvels Rebekah lodges paid a variety of benefits, which seem to have been as confusing to members in the early twentieth century as they are to researchers today.

Provisions for sick benefits were a tp source of contention. Apparently neither the Rebekahs nor the Odd Fellows considered these benefits a major part of their work by the s and even discussed eliminating them to return to more fraternal work.

Establishing orphans' homes was part of the national Rebekahs' agenda, and the Daughters and Odd Fellows of West Virginia were soliciting funds for their home by Henry Gassaway Davis confirmed the original purposes of the Daughters in his dedicatory speech, for he noted then that.

Members actively supported their Home and its accompanying farm in Elkins by the s. Elderly Odd Fellows, widows of Odd Fellows, and Daughters called grandmas and grandpasalong with orphans Levdls deceased brothers, lived at the Home. While the Daughters spent very little rime on national social issues, there are a few tantalizing clues to their priorities in the s. For example, the state conference resolved to endorse the "National Kindergarten Movement. Members had to be "wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, Ladies looking sex Flossmoor or mothers of legally adopted sons who are Knights of Pythias in good standing, and widows of deceased Knights of Pythians who were in good standing at the rime of their death.

In the usual pattern, the order was founded by a man, in this case Joseph Addison Hill of Greencastle, Indiana, who presented the idea for a women's order to the K.

Finally, inthe Supreme Lile authorized the formation of the Order of the Pythian Sisters and approved Hill's ritual. The first I like to fuck Levels West Virginia Sisters' temple was I like to fuck Levels West Virginia in in Indiana, and the first Grand Temple state-level organization was held in in Indianapolis. The first Supreme Session national organizational meeting was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I like to fuck Levels West Virginia July Rathbone, founder of the Knights of Pythias, so that the "Knights were free to retain their membership.

The order then merged with the alternative Pythian Sisterhood in as the Order of Pythian Sisters. This was organized at the initiative of a K. The Pythian Sisters followed the principles of "P. Annual reports describe the social and beneficiary activities of the local temples.

The report noted that Hermion No. The Pythian Sisters were primarily a mutual benefit organization, helping their members when in need. Cooking for the hungry and visiting the sad and bereaved ones.

Anthony to promote suffrage, but there was no evidence of that Wewt of social activism in the ,ike of West Virginia chapters. The annual report noted that the "Supreme Temple was impressed with the report of the Committee on Altruistic Work," but this I like to fuck Levels West Virginia work is not noted in earlier reports, nor is it clearly defined here except to say that. Each temple was encouraged to "take up at least one department of this work. At their convention, as West Virginians debated a state constitutional amendment on prohibition, the Pythian Sisters passed a resolution vowing to work "in every legitimate and Christian way in our power" for the ratification of the state prohibition amendment.

In the final analysis, Pythian Sisters focused their attention on the home. The church and school, along with the home, were "instrumental in passing on to our children the intellectual inheritance of the race. Members, therefore, criticized Virrginia who said that "the existence of Women's lodges are a menace to the home," perhaps because of the fuc of time invested in attending meetings. Instead, the Pythian Sisters felt their order was "broadening the meaning of home.

The Ladies of the Maccabees of the World was another sororal group organized on a national level. It was the women's organization for the Order Wesh the Knights of the I like to fuck Levels West Virginia of the World, founded in London, Stuck at home boyfriend isn t doing it for me in At first, the Ladies wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters independently managed their benefits and other funds but still served as an auxiliary to the Knights.

On October 1,the Ladies of likf Maccabees of the World LOTM organized as a separate organization, with local hives represented at the state convention, which LLevels, in turn, represented I like to fuck Levels West Virginia the Supreme Hive. Was this a symbol of domesticity for the Ladies, as it was for the Rebekahs? The wide network of members protected those who moved and had to find a new hive to join, as well as those traveling.

Local hives often added voluntary and locally-controlled flower funds, hospital funds, needy member funds, and "many others suggested by circumstances arising in each locality.

The first state convention was held in Woman want real sex Paauilo in Clarksburg. Both Knights and Ladies fuk at the same time, but usually not in joint sessions; this seems to have been standard procedure for such groups. The next state convention was apparently held in Wheeling in May ; Reverend W. Fields of the First Christian Church greeted the members and "said he would be very glad to Wwst to us the keys to the city I like to fuck Levels West Virginia he thought the Mayor the day before had given them over to the Knight Templars but he knew, however that we would be very welcome.

Conventions and anniversaries were the time to discuss statewide I like to fuck Levels West Virginia and national objectives. Inthe Supreme Hive began a fund "to establish hospitals and homes for disabled and aged members, and to secure hospital treatment for the members in their various states.

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